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Christina Aguilera ‘Bashes’ Gwen Stefani: ‘The Voice’ Feud Intensifies

Things between Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani have reportedly taken a turn for the worse on the set of The Voice Season 10. According to a new report, Christina Aguilera is threatening to quit the show due to Stefani’s highly talked about romance with their co-star, country singer Blake Shelton.

On March 10, OK! Magazine released a report claiming Christina Aguilera recently bashed Stefani after finding out that she and Shelton had been offered a cash bonus to allow their relationship to continue to play out on-screen, and took aim at her career. In addition, Christina Aguilera reportedly threatened to quit the show due to her issues with the alleged special treatment Stefani and Shelton were receiving.

“Blake and Gwen are getting an interesting offer from the show’s execs,” a source told Radar Online. “Producers want the two of them to give fans a full-on love-fest this season when she is a mentor on Team Blake, and they are going to throw in huge bonuses for exclusives, such as on-air duets, engagements, etc.”

Christina Aguilera returned to season 10 as a full-time coach as planned, but rather than Stefani sit out for the season, as she’s done in the past, she was asked back to the show in a mentor role, which reportedly has Christina Aguilera fuming mad.

“[Christina Aguilera] wants Gwen out of the picture and is already throwing mini-tantrums about it,” the insider said, adding that the pop star has even gone as far as to claim Stefani wasn’t vocally talented, and wouldn’t even be on the show if it weren’t for her romance.

According to the report, Christina Aguilera believes Stefani is milking her relationship with Shelton so that her role on The Voice will be secure. Meanwhile, Shelton is reportedly unconcerned with Christina Aguilera’s allegedly ongoing rants about his girlfriend, as he’s mellowed out substantially since they began dating.

“Blake really does not care what [Christina Aguilera] does or says,” the insider said. “He is a completely different person now because of Gwen, so much more laid-back. He said that he’s grateful the show is the reason that he and Gwen found each other.”

Although Shelton suggested Stefani come aboard the 10th season of The Voice as a fifth coach, Mark Burnett explained to Hollywood Life on March 2 that they are sticking to the normal four coaches — at least for now. As he explained, a fifth judge simply hasn’t been in the cards up until this point, and although they’ve discussed the possibility of changing the number of coaches on the show, there aren’t any immediate plans to do so.

“Absolutely we discuss all the time, we don’t care if on The Voice there were three women and one guy or whatever order. It is just the way it works out every year,” he explained.

With Stefani returning to the show as a mentor for Shelton, Christina Aguilera has been paired up with Miley Cyrus, and she too will be seen throughout the season.

While Christina Aguilera’s feud with Stefani has yet to be confirmed by either her or Stefani, this isn’t the first time fans are hearing that the two women are at odds. In fact, ever since Stefani was brought aboard the series to fill Aguilera’s role after she left on maternity leave, rumors have continuously swirled.

For more Christina Aguilera, tune into The Voice Season 10, airing on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9 p.m. Gwen Stefani is expected to return to the show in the next few weeks.

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