Harry Styles Heads In One Direction: Star Is Set For The Silver Screen

With One Direction headed into their much-publicized hiatus, rumors are rife as to what Harry Styles will do to fill his time. Styles recently ditched One Direction’s management team to sign with his friend Jeff Azoff, and most expect that this will lead to Harry releasing solo music in the next 12 months. When One Direction announced that they would be taking a break, rumors suggested that Styles may be offered a Hollywood role or two. It was even claimed that Harry might play Joanna Lumley’s love interest in the upcoming Absolutely Fabulous movie.

Those rumors were later proven to be wide of the mark, but it seems that Styles is set to land a movie role after all. According to Deadline, Styles has been offered a role in Christopher Nolan’s World War II action-adventure Dunkirk. There is no indication as to what role Harry would play, as there tends to be a veil of secrecy around the plot and casting of Nolan’s movies.

Styles has reportedly been in demand for acting roles, as producers are recognizing that Harry’s good looks, charm, and his huge fan base are sure to prove a boost for any movie at the box office. In the fall of last year, Styles was seen in the company of Harvey Weinstein, who previously revealed he offered Harry a role in Justin Chadwick’s Tulip Fever. Styles turned down that offer, although he is believed to be interested in acting. It was widely rumored earlier this week that Styles may make an appearance in Season 2 of Scream Queens.

Dunkirk, however, would be Harry’s first appearance in a major movie. Variety report that Styles has been selected for a role after Nolan and his team conducted an extensive casting search, and Harry is believed to have impressed the filmmakers with his readings for the part. According to Collider, if Styles has landed a part in Dunkirk, he will be in great company. Apparently, Nolan has already lined up Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, and Kenneth Branagh for supporting roles in the World War II drama.

Nolan is believed to favor relatively unknown actors for the leading roles in his latest production, and in acting terms, Styles would certainly meet that criteria. It is believed that promising newcomer Fionn Whitehead is being lined up for one of the lead roles.

Given that Dunkirk focuses on the operation to evacuate over 330,000 allied soldiers from the French town it would seem likely that most roles will be for actors playing servicemen and women. It will not be lost on Styles fans that the One Direction singer does not exactly sport a military style haircut. Harry wears his hair beyond shoulder length, and fans were freaking out on the internet a couple of weeks back when Styles went for the gentlest of trims. Could this be the moment that Harry Styles is shorn of his luscious locks? Styles fans will watch that one with interest.

In other Styles news, it seems that actress Lindsay Lohan is seeking to boost her profile. According to the Sun, Lohan claims that she turned Styles away from her hotel room door when he came knocking in the middle of the night. Lohan claims that Styles got her out of bed at 2 a.m., but she failed to recognize him and sent him on his way after telling him he was very good looking.

“I didn’t know it was him. He was in a suit. I said, ‘Well, you’re very good-looking — can I help you?’ That was it.”

Of course, telling a young man that “you’re very good-looking” when he bangs on your hotel room at 2 a.m. is absolutely the first thing that would spring to mind. Of course, the Sun would have you believe that Harry was on some sort of sexual mission, but it seems that Styles was set up. Harry claimed his mates had tricked him into going to Lindsay’s hotel room by pretending there was an after-party taking place there.

[Photo by John Davisson/Invision/AP]