Secret Service Contacts 50 Cent Over Allegedly Counterfeit Money, Rapper ‘Quits’ Instagram

The Secret Service has been reported as contacting rapper Curtis Jackson III (aka 50 Cent) over accusations that he has been using printed money. This may be due to the idea that his stage name is a reflection of money, but there is probably more to it.

Curtis Jackson III grew a fan base in the rap community for his claim that he’s been shot about as many times as a combat veteran. It’s unknown how true that is, although news about black people being shot and mistreated at the hands of law enforcement has grown again for the first time since the controversial rap group NWA put the spotlight on it. A string of killings, starting with Trayvon Martin at the hands of allegedly trigger-happy Neighborhood Watch member George Zimmerman, has resulted in the formation of the protest group Black Lives Matter.


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50 Cent’s image has shifted wildly ever since he decided to file for bankruptcy. Now the judge is questioning whether Jackson really needs the filing due to images the rapper posted on Instagram. The images in question featured piles of cash, and the photos have only made things worse.

If the cash is real, why is 50 Cent filing for bankruptcy at all? If it isn’t, the Secret Service wants to know if he’s been using counterfeit money to cover his expenses.

Jackson admitted on Instagram that his companies have millions, and the court knows it, says Design & Trend. It’s possible that the Secret Service is harassing the rapper for basically trying to be like Donald Trump. The Republican presidential hopeful has filed for bankruptcy several times, but it never stopped him from being wealthy. It could simply be a case of the courts not believing a black businessman can do the same.

ABC News says the prop money used in 50 Cent’s Instagram photos was said to be fake, according to the rapper’s lawyers. The Secret Service is allegedly trying to figure out if the prop money was indeed counterfeit, and the rapper says he doesn’t know.

If the allegations are true, it could mean that Curtis Jackson III is facing charges of bankruptcy fraud. However, he denied any such thing and feels the courts are treating him unfairly.

The question on the minds of those following 50 Cent’s bankruptcy filings is why he would be posting pictures of stacks of fake money at this time. Could it be just a rap thing, where he was trying to impress the fans with his “fat stacks”? Bad timing or not, the Secret Service wants answers, and the rapper is tired of the backlash.

This morning, 50 Cent told Instagram that he was quitting the site. Much like Iggy Azalea did a while back, instead of deleting his social media account, he’s simply letting someone else handle it. Technically, Iggy did it because she was tired of people on the internet being so unapologetically critical of a picture of her in a bikini. 50 Cent is allegedly quitting Instagram because images he posted are being used against him in court.

Whatever 50 Cent’s reasons are, the posting of his photos of money on Instagram was badly timed, and now the Secret Service wants to know if he’s hiding something. Just don’t expect any updates from him on that site for a while.

[Photo by Steve Miller / Getty Images]