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What Does Kendall Jenner ‘Love’ About Rumored Boyfriend Chris Brown? Plus, Harry Styles Is Impacting Their Romance [Report]

Kendall Jenner and Chris Brown may be Hollywood’s newest power couple. Although the pair has not yet confirmed their romance, they’ve been seen together frequently for the past few weeks, and a new report claims there’s something Kendall Jenner loves about the singer.

“If there’s one thing [Kendall Jenner] loves about him, it’s his music,” a source told Hollywood Life on March 10. “She can listen to vintage Breezy or his new stuff all day long. She loves his voice – and she’s enjoyed the few times he’s sang to her privately. Ah, did she ever enjoy that.”

Kendall Jenner and Brown were both recently in Paris (Kendall Jenner remains in town while Brown has returned to The States), and during their trip, they attended numerous events and were recently spotted re-creating an infamous viral video featuring Daniel Lara, “Damn Daniel.” In a video made and shared online by Brown, Kendall Jenner was seen laughing hysterically as Brown said, “Looking good, Kendall,” and noted her “black boots.”

“[Chris] and Kendall and are mad tight and there is attraction on both on both sides of this friendship, especially from Chris,” a source told Hollywood Life on March 9. “Kendall’s hot! She’s a legit runaway model… Being a model alone makes Kendall a 10. She’s super cool and dorky like Chris. They both have crazy fun when they’re in each others company.”

Kendall Jenner and Brown have been friends for years, but after they were spotted enjoying a dinner date in Paris earlier this week, rumors began swirling regarding a possible romance. However, according to the report, Brown has yet to make an official move on Kendall Jenner.

“He’s really enjoying being [Kendall Jenner’s] friend now. He doesn’t want to blow up a good thing by committing to a monogamous sexual relationship with her. He’s not ready and neither is she,” the source explained, then adding that Brown still has “thoughts about her. Sexy nasty thoughts.”

The source went on to reveal that when Brown decides to make his move on Kendall Jenner, he will first speak with her mother, Kris Jenner.

“If and when Chris decides that [Kendall Jenner] is the one he wants to be serious with he will approach her correctly. He’ll ask Kris Jenner for permission,” the source revealed.

As Kendall Jenner and Brown continue to spend time together, a third report by Hollywood Life claimed Harry Styles, whom Jenner dated prior to her time with Brown, was getting in the way of their romance.

Kendall Jenner’s relationship with Styles was the first public celebrity romance she was involved in, but sadly, it was extremely short-lived. After going public at the beginning of this year, Kendall Jenner and Style were spotted around Los Angeles a couple of times in January, but by February, their relationship seemed to be very much over, and claims hit the web, which alleged Styles had been unfaithful.

In other Kendall Jenner news, the reality star has been hitting catwalks all over the world for the past several weeks, and there appears to be no slowing her down. Along with her close friends Hailey Baldwin, Gigi, and Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner has taken the modeling industry by storm, and throughout fashion weeks in New York City, Paris, Milan and London, she’s been a clear stand-out.

Kendall Jenner and her family are currently in production on the 12th season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The new season will debut sometime this spring.

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