Blake Shelton Shares Miranda Lambert Boozy Breakup & Gwen Stefani Love In Song: Romance Is ‘Miracle,’ Says Pharrell

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert seemed to have the perfect marriage as the king and queen of country music. But after four years of what looked like wedded bliss, the bubble burst when the couple revealed that they were divorcing.

Now, Shelton is dishing up the details on what went drastically wrong in a new song, reports the Washington Post.

The new single, “Came Here To Forget,” penned by Craig Wiseman and Deric Ruttan, received a sneak peek from Blake.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a song that’s such a direct look into my life,” admitted Shelton.

About a year ago, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert attended the GRAMMY Awards together. But one year can make a big difference in a relationship.
Translation: The song dishes on his boozy breakup with Miranda as well as the parallels in Blake’s divorce heartbreak and the emotional pain endured by new girlfriend Gwen Stefani after she ended her 13-year marriage with Gavin Rossdale.

“Girl, you gettin’ over him, and I’m gettin’ over her.”

Shelton is known for his fondness for booze, and the song does justice to that habit.

“Keep leanin’ it on in closer, keep saltin’ the rim/Getting even with her, and with him, before the night is over.”

Blake’s revenge song also points out that he’s not dwelling on his marriage with Miranda. Instead, he views Lambert as history, with the woman he has romanced on The Voice as his present and future.

When it comes to Miranda’s side, Lambert is already working on songs dedicated to detailing her own viewpoint about her divorce from the country crooner, according to a source cited by Hollywood Life.

“[Miranda] is putting everything about the marriage and divorce into it,” revealed the source.

Moreover, Lambert is feeling neglected by her ex.

“They never speak,” added the source. “It’s a surface relationship.”

As for Blake’s new song, it marks a milestone in his relationship timeline. The initial single from his album Came Here to Forget marks the first that the country crooner has created since he broke up with Lambert in July and hooked up with Stefani, noted ET.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani canoodle.
Shelton pointed out that he’s released many songs and albums in his long career. But this is the first intimate, in-depth look into his personal life.

“I’ve had a lot of music over the years, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a song before that’s such a direct look into my life,” confessed Blake. “That’s why I’m so excited about this particular song.”

The country crooner is a story teller when it comes to his music. This track, which is described as an “intimate snapshot” of a couple meeting at a bar, doesn’t hold back when it comes to his feelings. Shelton also shared that he views music as a way to pour out his emotions and express himself while sharing glimpses of his personal life with his fans.

“It is all on the record,” declared Blake, 39. “I can put my life experience, whether it’s a divorce or my new girlfriend, whatever those experiences are, whatever things that are happening in my life, I have an outlet for them. I have music.”

Moreover, Shelton isn’t the only one in this new romance with Gwen to channel his feelings into song. Just like her beau, Stefani has created a track, “Make Me Like You,” dedicated to Blake.

“I was free before I met you / I was broken but free / All alone in the clear view, but now you are all I see.”

One person who has observed the way that the pop singer and country crooner suffered through divorces almost simultaneously before becoming friends on The Voice is their mutual friend and fellow Voice coach Pharrell Williams. And to Pharrell, seeing the two transform their platonic relationship into becoming lovebirds is heartwarming, reports E! News.

“It’s so beautiful,” gushed Pharrell. “Because being there, I watched the both of them go through a lot you know and you hate to see your friends go through something so heavy and it’s kinda like a miracle man, just watching that.”

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