Abby Wombach Black Eye

U.S. Soccer Player Abby Wambach Gets Punched In The Face

The Olympic games are supposed to be about extending an olive branch to neighboring countries while engaging in competitive yet friendly sport. Apparently Colombian midfielder Lady Andrade didn’t get the “friendly” memo and instead sucker punched American forward Abby Wambach in the right eye.

The sucker punch came during Team USA’s 3-0 victory on Saturday.

After the match Abby Wambach spoke to reports as her right eye continued to swell and turn blue-black in color.

“It’s interesting, because you think about yourself and what you’d do on the street if somebody were to sucker-punch you. You have a list of things you’d do to retaliate,” said Wambach. “But this is the Olympics. I can’t risk getting a red card or yellow card. We like to call it ‘ice.’ Stay ice-cold. What they’re trying to do is get me to retaliate. I’m proud of myself for not doing that.”

Lady Andrade recalls the situation differently than Wambach, noting:

“We were both running, and she ran across me and we collided. I had my hands in the air. It was an accident.”

Andrade then claimed the U.S. players were guilty of multiple hits of their own, telling reporters:

“But because they’re the United States, the whistle always goes in their favor. They were hitting us and hitting us, but there was never a whistle … If they start to hit, then obviously we’re not going to do nothing.”

Wambach had the last laugh after scoring her 140th career international goal. Abby is now only 18 international goals away from Mia Hamm’s 158 mark.