Kendall Jenner, Chris Brown dating?

Kendall Jenner, Chris Brown Dating Rumors: Gigi Hadid Playing Matchmaker, Source Reports

A Kendall Jenner-Chris Brown relationship would put Jenner’s best friend, Gigi Hadid, over the moon, a source is reporting.

Kendall and Chris have been spending more time together since Paris Fashion Week, and Hollywood Life is reporting that Gigi believes the supermodel and the rapper are perfect for one another. A source told the celebrity news outlet that Chris Brown and Gigi’s boyfriend, Zayn Malik, are “buddies.”

“Gigi really wants to see Kendall and Chris together. After getting to know Chris better because of Zayn, Gigi is convinced that they would make a perfect match.”

And really, what good would a best friend be if she didn’t have her girlfriend’s feelings at heart? Luckily for Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid is only thinking of what Kendall would want, the source told Hollywood Life. Apparently, Kendall has had a crush on Chris for quite some time.

“Plus she knows Kendall has had a crush on him like forever. Gigi has also been talking to Zayn about them as a potential couple. She loves the idea of her best friend dating Zayn’s really close friend. She’s definitely been playing matchmaker.”

What young girl doesn’t love that idea? Unfortunately for Hadid, her plan might be stalled before it even really gets going. In a separate report, a source told Hollywood Life that Chris Brown has “sexy thoughts” about Kendall Jenner, but the 26-year-old “Forever” rapper isn’t really interested in a monogamous commitment right now.

According to recent reports, a monogamous relationship might be exactly what Kendall is looking for. Kendall was recently romantically linked to One Direction’s Harry Styles after the pair spent winter break aboard a yacht in St. Barts, but the couple reportedly split soon after. The alleged relationship between Jenner and Styles created a plethora of headlines, given that the hookup was one of the first Jenner ever allowed to become public.

Some rumors indicated that Kendall and Harry may have broken up because Harry was unable to make the type of commitment Jenner was seeking. Jenner and Styles are believed to have split sometime in January or February.

If committed and monogamous is, in fact, the type of relationship Jenner is seeking, she may be hard-pressed to find it in Chris Brown.

“He’s really enjoying being her friend now,” a source told Hollywood Life. “He doesn’t want to blow up a good thing by committing to a monogamous sexual relationship with her. He’s not ready and neither is she.”

What Kendall Jenner really wants in a relationship is unclear, of course, as somehow the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star manages to be notoriously private about her love life and her personal life, despite limited screen time on her family’s reality TV show. Nevertheless, if the report from Hollywood Life is true, it seems that what Gigi Hadid wants for Kendall Jenner is abundantly clear as Hadid continues to champion a Kendall-Chris hookup.

And you know what they say — best friends know best!

What do you think of a potential Kendall Jenner-Chris Brown hookup? Do you like the idea of the couple together? Why or why not? Do you think Kendall should follow her friend Gigi Hadid’s matchmaking instincts? Why or why not?

It’s not the first time these Chris Brown-Kendall Jenner relationship rumors have made the rounds. Check out the video below to find out about the similar rumors that circulated in 2014. Kendall Jenner Allegedly 'Infatuated' with Dating Chris Brown[Photo by Vittoria Zunino Celotto/Getty Images]