Little Mix are getting roped into drama before their Get Weird Tour

Little Mix, Zayn Malik Fans Tweet Over ‘Stolen’ Music?

Little Mix are getting ready for their Get Weird world tour starting March 13, but they are currently embroiled in a couple of beefs that are starting to get weird — if speculations from fans can be believed.

According to Hollywood Life, fans of Little Mix, Zayn Malik, and One Direction are noticing something peculiar about Zayn’s new music — and they are not afraid to make their suspicions public on social media.

According to opinions posted by fans, Zayn Malik is being carefully analyzed because fans think his new song “Like I Would” has “hints” of Little Mix and One Direction in the tunes used. Hollywood Life also claims “Even some of the lyrics are a mashup of Little Mix’s ‘Love Me Like You’ and 1D’s ‘I Would’.”

Little Mix deals with weirdness before their Get Weird tour
Things are getting weird for Little Mix before their Get Weird Tour. (Photo by Danny E. Martindale/Getty Images)

One Twitter user wrote on March 10 that “Like I Would” sounds “very familiar to One Direction and Little Mix fans.”

Another fan tweeted, “it sounds kinda like “Love Me Like You” by Little Mix.”

One fan claimed “[Zayn Malik is] throwing shade on Little Mix ‘They Can’t Love Me Like You.'”

While there may be some shade in these speculations in and of themselves, other beefs that Little Mix are involved with are not necessarily meant to be personal. For example, British award-winning rapper Stormzy is coming out against the BRIT Awards for being biased toward white people, and Little Mix has been caught up in the drama.

Mirror writes that Stormzy directly said around March 7 that “Britain is not just One Direction and Little Mix” during a speech to Oxford University students.

Despite this, Little Mix have been described recently as “hardworking” and as one of the “nicest” bands in the music business. About being hardworking, TV3 explains that sometimes Little Mix works up to 20 hours per day, and insiders stated the following:

“[T]hey’ll go on and do interviews all day, radio promo and then a gig in the evening. They are happy to work solidly and play the game. They get what they’re here for and will do everything it takes to be the biggest girl group in the world.”

Nevertheless, success means nothing to Little Mix unless they are also noted for being sweethearts. The Sun quoted Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock explaining how Little Mix manages to keep things so civil and avoid drama.

“No one wants to outdo the others. We don’t have that one person who is the b**** or egotistical. We all just get on.”

The fact that Little Mix get along so well is great news considering touring can be stressful — and their first concert for their Get Weird tour is just around the corner in Cardiff on March 13.

Little Mix get along by staying drama-free
One of Little Mix’s secrets to success is being sweet to each other. (Photo by Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images)

In the meantime, Little Mix’s fans cannot wait for them to grace the stage for their first show, and Chronicle Live wrote in anticipation of the March 17 concert by linking to a list of five places fans can spot Little Mix outside of the show.

About their tour, Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock was quoted from social media by Look as saying that the tour was making her excited and nervous at the same time. She also said to a Little Mix fan that “there was so much to learn.”

Regardless, Little Mix thinks their lives are amazing, but despite this, they did not always like being “Little Mix.” As it appears, the thing they liked the least was their name “Little Mix.” Look explains that at first, Little Mix wanted their name to be “Rhythmix.”

Naturally, Little Mix now loves their name, and they also love the idea that Perrie Edwards is currently single and will likely be “more fun on tour,” according to Seventeen.

Nonetheless, Enstarz suggests that Perrie Edwards is still giving Zayn a taste in her racy Instagram posts in March. Sadly, this seems to be an indication that, while Perrie Edwards has repeatedly stated that she has moved on from Zayn Malik since their summer breakup, it is likely that Zayn-related gossip and speculations will persist throughout the Little Mix tour.

[Picture by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]