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Hillary Clinton Spoke In Church About Why She Forgave Bill Clinton For The Monica Lewinsky Affair

Hillary Clinton spoke about why she forgave Bill Clinton on Sunday night at Holy Ghost Cathedral. She was introduced by Bishop Corletta J. Vaughn, who praised Hillary amply for her strength and faithfulness.

“I’m talking [about Clinton] as a wife and a mother. She taught so many of us as women how to stand in the face of adversity.”

Hillary Clinton chose her words carefully when expressing the subject of why she forgave Bill Clinton for his affairs. According to the Christian Science Monitor, she did not go into detail about his infidelity and instead focused on her own willingness to forgive as part of healing, an expression of real agape love. Love is required of all Christians above all other virtues, and so is forgiveness. Hillary spoke gently, far more gently than she does in a debate or a stump speech.

“What has always guided me and supported me has been my faith, has been my belief in the saving graces, and the salvation that faith brings, and in those difficult times in my life, I have often been struck by a particular passage from Scripture.”

Hillary Clinton went on to reveal why she forgave Bill Clinton using the parable of the prodigal son explained in her own words, with Bill Clinton being the prodigal in this story. Monica was not directly mentioned but the inference was there, and forgiveness was across the board for Hillary. Christianity requires nothing less, and Hillary felt it was the right thing. She loves Bill.

“When someone has disappointed you, has often disappointed themselves, it is human nature to say: ‘You’re not wanted. We know what you’ve been doing. Go sleep in the bed you made, but this isn’t what the father did in this parable.”

DETROIT, MI - MARCH 6: Hillary Clinton speaks about forgiving Bill at Holy Ghost Cathedral (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)
Hillary Clinton speaks about forgiving Bill at Holy Ghost Cathedral [Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images]
As Hillary Clinton explained, as a metaphor for why she forgave Bill Clinton in the parable of the prodigal son, a young man asks his father to give him his inheritance early. The son wanted to leave the family home and go out to seek his fortune. What the prodigal really did, though, was to abandon his father’s farm, to go party, drink heavily, and pollute himself with loose women until his father’s money was all spent.

Then, finding himself in a menial job feeding pigs, the young man decides to move back home. The boy did not expect his father to take him back as his son, since things had turned out so badly, but he hoped his dad would perhaps give him a job on the farm and treat him at a hired hand.

Instead, as Hillary Clinton explained, in a metaphor that expressed her feelings for her husband and why she forgave Bill Clinton, the father was overjoyed when his son returned. He ran out to meet him and embraced him with great affection. He dressed the boy in fine clothes. He slaughtered a valued calf and prepared a great feast in gratitude for his son’s safe return.

DETROIT, MI - MARCH 6: Hillary Clinton speaks (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)
Hillary Clinton speaks [Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images]
Hillary Clinton said the story reminded her of all she had to be thankful for.

“[She feels called to] practice the discipline of gratitude every day. There is much to be grateful for even when it doesn’t feel or look like it.”

Many people wonder how Hillary forgave Bill. Some have even criticized her, but Hillary not only did what was morally right within the confines of her own understanding of Christianity but also what she wanted to do because of the love she felt for Bill. Not just romantic love, but compassion and genuine caring for someone she has spent so many years with and admires as much as she does. That comes from the heart.

Hillary Clinton explained that she forgave Bill Clinton because of the love she feels for him, which is a gift that comes from her faith.

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