Joe Biden Made A Lot Of Ted Cruz And Donald Trump Jokes At Washington Roast

The Republican Presidential race has been the source of much chagrin from voters that don’t quite agree with what the front-runner Donald Trump, and his main rival Ted Cruz.

But the line between comedy and tragedy is very, very thin. Which is something that Vice President Joe Biden proved on Saturday night, when he appeared at the annual Gridiron Club dinner and gave a speech to Washington D.C.’s press and politicians.

The yearly event is orchestrated so that these two groups can roast one another over drinks and food. However, Joe Biden couldn’t resist making a few jokes about the Republican candidates at the event too.

These included Joe Biden making fun of the fact that Chris Christie, who previously ran opposite Donald Trump in the Republican race only to recently endorse him, became an internet sensation earlier this week when footage of him looking bemused and lost while stood behind the front-runner as he gave a speech went viral.

Biden joked, via Politico,”Trump said he likes ‘people who don’t get captured.’ What a terrible thing to say about my friend and a genune war hero, John McCain. So tonight I call on Donald Trump to be a man of word – and release Chris Christie right now.”

Vice President Joe Biden’s jokes regarding Trump continued with, “And he has demonstrated that he has a very difficult time when he has to deal with bright women of authority, like Megyn Kelly and Governor Nikki Haley. Can’t you picture it? Can’t you picture his reaction watching Hillary take the oath of office? It’s going to be worth the price of admission.”

Joe Biden didn’t just make pointed jokes about Donald Trump though. The Vice President also extended this courtesy to Ted Cruz too, as he joked, “Ted Cruz? An inspiration to every kid in America who worries that he’ll never be able to run for President because nobody likes him.”

Then, referencing just how unpopular Ted Cruz is in American politics, Joe Biden added, “I told Barack, if you really, really want to remake the Supreme Court, nominate Cruz. Before you know it, you’ll have eight vacancies.”

Another of Joe Biden’s quips involving Donald Trump make reference to just how similar today’s political landscape is to back in 1992.

Biden joked, “A lot of you have brought up a clip from a speech I made in 1992. On the Senate floor. Talking about a potential nomination to the Supreme Court.”

“Look, what can I tell you? That was a different time. A Clinton was at the top of the polls. The Bush dynasty was in trouble. Donald Trump was saying outlandish things. As I said, a totally different time.”

But it wasn’t just the Republican candidates that Joe Biden made fun of. Biden also made jokes about himself and Bernie Sanders, who is currently trailing behind Hillary Clinton in the race for the Democratic nomination.

“As you know, I’ve always ranked among the poorest Members of Congress – and all of these years, it didn’t bother me much before. Until I learned my net worth was even less than Bernie Sanders,” Biden teased. “Look – when a socialist has more money than you – you know you’ve been doing something really wrong for a long, long time.”

You can read the entire transcript from Joe Biden’s address to the Washington press corporation at the Gridiron Club’s annual dinner by heading over to Politico.

[Image via Patrick Smith/Stringer/Getty Images]