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‘American Horror Story’: Angela Bassett Talks About Her Role In Next Season And Lady Gaga

Angela Bassett has been confirmed to be returning to American Horror Story. Bassett has appeared as three different characters in past seasons of American Horror Story – actress Ramona Royale in Hotel, three-breasted performer Desiree Dupree in Freak Show, and Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau in Coven. We don’t yet know the theme of Season 6 of American Horror Story, but Bassett recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight and gave them a small piece of information about her character.

Entertainment Tonight had the opportunity to speak with Angela about her role in the upcoming season of American Horror Story and initially said she had no idea about her character. But then she added the following.

“I think I’m an alcoholic… That’s all I know but I don’t know where, why, what made me so.”

She made a similar comment to Enstarz not long ago when she said this about her next role in American Horror Story.

“Executive producer Ryan Murphy] did tell me at the Golden Globes that I would imbibe a little bit too much and yet I was very intuitive also and maybe Sarah [Paulson] somehow was the boss of me.”

And she told Movie Pilot this about the part she’ll play in the new season of AHS.

“I will be back … I think I might be psychic. I think. But it can all change, we don’t start filming until June this year, so anything is possible and everything can change between now and then.”

Think of the possibilities of a year with a psychic on American Horror Story. Does she talk to the dead? Does she tell the future? Does she see into the past? Can she tell people about previous lives? Oh, we can’t wait to see!

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Whatever role Angela plays in the next season of American Horror Story, we’re sure she’ll give a knockout performance as she always does. Check out this scene from Freak Show.

There is one scene in particular from Season 5 of American Horror Story that fans are still buzzing about an “intimate” scene with Angela Bassett and Lady Gaga. When she spoke about the scene with Seth Myers she said that they didn’t talk much about the scene before shooting. Here’s how she described the conversation they had on the American Horror Story set.

“I walked in, and she came up to me and said, ‘So are you nervous?’ And I said, ‘Well, no time to lie now. Yes, I am. I’m Angela, you’re Gaga… We had a wonderful time at the party, and it happened to be on my birthday, Aug. 16… And at the end of the party, she brought out a cake, and I was like, ‘That was so sweet of you.'”

Then she noticed two figures on top of the cake in an erotic position. Bassett continued.

“I said to [co-star] Sarah Paulson, ‘Well that’s foreplay.’… [Gaga] made me nervous, so I had to get her back. We had these steamy scenes, and we’re in elevators, and it’s like, go for it. So, supposedly our characters are going through these decades, and we’re changing clothes, and we’re supposed to be in different positions. And I would just tongue her down — No. No! Just all in, just all up on her. And they say, ‘Cut!’ and she walks away and she says, ‘I’m having Angela Bassett’s baby.'”

Bassett received Primetime Emmy Nominations for her roles in two American Horror Story seasons. One was for her role as Marie Laveau in American Horror Story: Coven and the other was for her role as Desiree Dupree in American Horror Story: Freak Show. She has also received 45 other nominations and has won 28 awards for her performances. Among her wins are a 1994 Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical for her role as Tina Turner in What’s Love Got to Do with It.

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