Jimmy Fallon’s Latest Donald Trump Impersonation Involves Cardboard Cutout Of Gov. Chris Christie

Jimmy Fallon launched a cheesy ABC’s TGIF-style intro for his late night show, according to Entertainment Weekly. The new Tonight Show intro had that family-friendly ’90s sitcom spirit all over it, and the audience loved it.

Parodying the style of ABC’s TGIF, the new Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon intro featured big, yellow block font and a cheesy, overly-friendly pop song playing on the background, the chorus of which was nauseatingly familiar.

And while that cheesy theme song intro definitely stuck in the heads of audience members, Jimmy Fallon stood out with his best Danny Tanner impersonation during the hilarious intro. The intro also included each of the late night talk show’s cast members, introducing them in a silly situation (like catching a random football with a big smile). Fallon, his sidekick Steve Higgins and The Roots all wore bright-colored ’90s-style clothing.

Jimmy Fallon has once again showed off his spot-on Donald Trump impression during Wednesday’s episode of the Tonight Show, according to MSNBC. The host parodied the GOP presidential candidate‘s recent Super Tuesday victory speech, while also making fun of Gov. Chris Christie’s recent show of support to the real estate mogul.

Wearing tons of fake spray tan and that funny-looking blonde wig, Jimmy Fallon also addressed Trump’s issues with white supremacist supporters. With five American flags behind his back as well as a cardboard cutout of New Jersey governor Christie, Fallon started his speech by saying, “Thank me, thank me, thank me very much.”

Those who watched Trump’s original Super Tuesday victory speech may have noticed Christie’s awkward stance and facial expression behind Trump’s back, as the 2016 presidential election front-runner was delivering his long speech.

The Internet exploded with memes hashtagged #FreeChristie, while many urged the governor to resign after his endorsement for Trump declared on Friday. And Jimmy Fallon made sure Christie also became a part of his parody.

“Of course I want to thank Gov. Chris Christie for his unblinking support. I love this guy, he’s fantastic. He’s like my mini me, except bigger. He’s my mega me. Thank you mega me. You can go home now mega me.”

After the fake Christie was removed from the stage, Jimmy Fallon said “good boy.” The host also addressed Trump’s recent controversy surrounding the Ku Klux Klan’s former grand wizard David Duke. The Republican candidate recently declined to condemn the support of Duke during his interview with CNN on Sunday.

During his parody, Jimmy Fallon referred to the KKK as Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, saying they are “fantastic people” and that he has known them a long time.

Then, a reporter asked Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump what he would do if he got an endorsement from the Nazi party. Fallon-as-Trump made it look as if he had misunderstood the word “Nazi” with “not-see,” and said that he supports people who can’t see and that he loves Stevie Wonder.

“He’s a fantastic singer, maybe not for everybody, but I love him okay.”

During the parody, Jimmy Fallon also brought up the subject of Trump’s goal to defeat Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Fallon-as-Trump said that in 2008 Clinton lost to a black man, and eight years later – in 2016 – she is going to lose to an orange man.

“That’s right, orange is the new black.”

Jimmy Fallon’s Trump also called on people to text “TRUMP” to 10112 in order to get the presidential election front-runner not only to win the presidency, but also the last season of Fox’s American Idol. The host ended his parody with him saying, “Together we can make American Idol great again!” and then he began dancing to Rihanna’s hit song “Work” with Gov. Chris Christie cardboard cutout.

[Photo by John Moore/Getty Images]