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Loretta Lynn Calls Other Country Stars Lazy, Compares Herself To Miranda Lambert

Country music legend Loretta Lynn has just dropped another country album. This is her first record in 12 years, but of course her fans can’t wait to hear the music. ET Online got the chance to speak to Loretta and find out what she thinks helped her career and even hear who she compares herself to in country music today. Loretta Lynn may be 83-years-old, but she isn’t letting that hold her back at all.

Loretta Lynn has had huge successes over the years. When asked what she thinks she can credit this to, Loretta explained that it was just old fashioned hard work.

“I probably worked harder than anyone in the business. I worked harder than all of them to tell you the truth. People today are to dag gone lazy to do these kinds of things.”

Loretta Lynn may work harder than a lot of country artists have over the years, but there is one artist that she compared herself to actually. Loretta explained that she thinks she is a lot like Miranda Lambert and then went on to say she likes Taylor Swift.

“I think Miranda and me, we’re kind of the same type of singer.” When talking about Taylor’s switch to pop she said, “Taylor, get it girl! That’s what she wanted. I am about as pop as corn bread.” Loretta even shared that she thinks that Donald Trump could end up president, if he keeps his mouth shut on a lot of topics.

Rolling Stone shared about the new Loretta Lynn documentary Loretta Lynn: Still a Mountain Girl and the new things that fans learned about Loretta on this film that aired on March 4 on PBS. The first guitar that Loretta ever owned only cost her $17, which was obviously well worth it. Loretta started to write her own songs and President Obama even spoke out about the instrument.

“With it, this coal miner’s daughter gave voice to a generation, singing what no one wanted to talk about and saying what no one wanted to think about. Now, over 50 years after she cut her first record and canned her first vegetables, Loretta Lynn still reigns as the rule-breaking, record-setting Queen of Country Music.”

Before working as a singer, Loretta Lynn actually worked picking strawberries. She would get paid per strawberry, only five cents each, and would make up songs while picking them. Loretta’s first paying gig was for singing “You Are My Sunshine,” and she made $12 for the job.

One funny story that she told was how she was close to Patsy Cline and even got hand-me-downs from her family. For four years, Loretta wore a pair of panties that she got from Patsy and even had them up in her museum at one time.

Loretta Lynn also admits that her husband, Doolittle, could be violent at times, but Lynn shared that she would fight back with him. Loretta shared that during one fight she even knocked two of his teeth out.

“If he smacked me or anything, I’d stand up and be fightin’ him just like I’d be fightin’ the other woman. He’d smack me, I’d smack him; he’d pull my hair, I pulled his hair. That’s the way it was.”

Are you shocked to hear that Loretta Lynn compared herself to Miranda Lambert? Do you think that hard work and not being lazy is why she was so successful? Sound off in the comments below and you can pick up Loretta Lynn’s new album Full Circle in stores now.

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