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‘Marvel Heroes’ Updates With Playable Green Goblin, Alongside Omega System Expansion, Cosmic Hightown

Action RPG Marvel Heroes has expanded its giant roster once again with the addition of a playable Green Goblin character. The latest update introduces Norman Osborn, crafting changes, Cosmic Hightown, and updates to Ghost Rider and Iron Fist. New and veteran players alike should find something to appreciate in the patch especially considering the drastic Omega System changes included in the update.

The main attraction of the update, of course, is the addition of a playable Green Goblin. Although Marvel Heroes players have been defeating Green Goblin for quite some time now, the character is now playable thanks to his role in the Thunderbolts project. Players can purchase Green Goblin with real money using the game’s G currency or he can be purchased with Eternity Splinters, a currency that drops regularly while playing. Since he is an enemy in Midtown Manhattan, players have a very minute chance of looting his hero token off a defeated Green Goblin as well. Players can learn more about Green Goblin from the game’s official website.

Patch 1.04 to Marvel Heroes also includes major crafting changes. Many crafting recipes now require different materials to complete usually removing the requirement for specific medallions. For example, the Random Artifact Affixes recipe that allows players to reroll the statistics on an artifact no longer requires a Hood medallion. Instead, a few more crafting elements are required in addition to an Unstable Molecule. The recipe to create Unstable Molecules is also different now as well. The credit cost is 10 times cheaper and now only requires one of each crafting element.

Max level players in Marvel Heroes will be happy to find a Cosmic version of Hightown is now available with today’s patch, too. With a regular stream of bosses including Kirigi and Gorgon, players can find new and quality loot in Cosmic Hightown. Fewer, but more potent experience orbs, stacks of crafting elements, high numbers of credits, random unique items, four-affix costume cores, and other high-end loot drops from bosses in Cosmic Hightown. Not to mention, Cosmic Medallions and boss-specific items are more likely to drop in the new mode.

Marvel Heroes
The Hulk using a car like boxing gloves [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]
Finally, the Omega System in Marvel Heroes saw an expansion with the update including a new category entitled the Interstellar Exploration Division. Major changes to the system include how players earn Omega experience. Specifically, the amount of experience it takes to earn points early on in the system is drastically reduced now but it takes more experience to earn Omega Points in the later levels. The Omega Point level cap was also raised in the update from 7,500 to 10,000. Most notably, when an Omega Point is earned, players no longer need to pick the orb up off of the ground. The point will automatically be added and a message will appear on screen.

For the full list of crafting changes, hero updates, Omega System changes, and more check out the patch notes on the official forums. These notes are especially helpful for players looking to find out what exactly changed for Ghost Rider and Iron Fist in this update. The Omega System changes are also well detailed in the notes, but players will need to log in to check out the new Interstellar Exploration Division nodes.

Marvel Heroes
A variety of Deadpools in Marvel Heroes [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]
Marvel Heroes continues to update with new playable characters, helpful team-up characters, costumes, and features. In fact, Rescue will be added to the game as a team-up character and an American Dream inspired costume for Captain America are coming to Marvel Heroes as part of Marvel’s “Women of Power” initiative. As the Inquisitr reported, the new team-up is one of the last included in the previously sold team-up Advance Pack 2, while the American Dream costume for Captain America was a fan favorite in the poll hosted by Gazillion earlier last year.

[Image via Gazillion Entertainment]