Kim Kardashian Accident

Kim Kardashian Did Not Have Teeth Pulled For Better Face

The Kim Kardashian rumors are in full swing this week. One of the more ridiculous ones is that Kanye West’s wife had her teeth pulled so her face could look better. Gossip Cop recently summarized a story from the print edition of the National Enquirer.

“‘With little success dropping the [baby] weight the old-fashioned way,’ writes the supermarket tabloid, Kardashian is ‘using unconventional means to create the illusion of a slim appearance.’ A so-called ‘insider’ is quoted as saying, ‘Knowing she’d have to make an appearance at Kanye’s fashion show recently, Kim needed a quick fix.'”

Kim Kardashian Teeth
Kim Kardashian still has all her teeth. [Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment]
The Enquirer added that Kardashian had a cosmetic dentist pull two teeth in the back of her mouth, which she believes makes her cheeks narrower and thins her face. However, the gossip-busting site put the breaks on this latest Kardashian rumor.

“Wow, that sounds painful. It’s also painfully wrong. Kardashian is actually quite open about using contouring to give her face that sucked-in look. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for the reality star, and we’re assured the teeth-pulling claim is entirely false,” claims writer Shari Weiss.

Kanye West Fashion
Kanye West his having trouble with his fashion line. [Photo by Victor Boyko/Getty Images]
Earlier this week, Gossip Cop had to put the breaks on the rumor that Kim Kardashian begged Kanye West to scrap his fashion line. Not surprisingly, Radar Online started the rumor.

“Kardasian, 35, ‘absolutely hates his clothes,’ said the insider of 38-year-old West’s new Yeezy Season 3 line. ‘It’s gotten slightly better and more feminine, but she still would never wear his clothes given a choice.'”

Commenters after the article were, once again, cruel towards Kanye and Kim.

“Gawd he’s ugly! He looks like Tyga with his mouth open and drooling…,” complained Lois Samack.

“Let them fall off their high horses and get trampled to death,” says Willa.

The article added that Kanye West’s fashion line has made him even more broke and it is threatening his marriage with Kim Kardashian. They actually said that this could lead to a $230 million dollar divorce war. However, Gossip Cop says that — once again — Radar Online isn’t telling the truth.

“All of this, though, is patently untrue. Kardashian is nothing if not supportive of West’s fashion line and his ‘creative side.’ In fact, as Gossip Cop reported, she praised his creativity in a blog post on her official site on Friday, and even revealed she was currently wearing Yeezy Season 3 samples she took from the show,” claims gossip-busting expert Shari Weiss.

There is at least one rumor about Kim Kardashian that isn’t false. TMZ broke the news.

“Kim Kardashian is getting sued for a smashup she had near the Beverly Hills Hotel a couple years ago. Rafael Linares says he was driving on Sunset Blvd when the accident happened. In the lawsuit, filed Tuesday in L.A., Linares doesn’t describe the accident any further — but goes on to say he suffered multiple injuries, and has incurred expenses for physicians and surgeons.”

TMZ adds that Rafael says his car was also damaged. However, when it was reported in March of 2014, nobody was ticketed and Kardashian and Linares just exchanged information after hugging it out. Do you think Linares is just out to get cash from Kardashian? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images]