New On Netflix: More Than 'House Of Cards' Season 4

New On Netflix: More Than ‘House Of Cards’ Season 4 For ‘Netflix And Chill’ This Weekend

As Friday evening is upon us, everyone is anxious to find out the latest on Frank Underwood and everything that happens to him in Season 4 of House of Cards, finally available to stream online. Even if you don’t watch the Emmy, Golden Globe, and SAG Award-winning Netflix series, chances are that you know at least a few people who are practically addicted to the show. You may even know someone who used the Season 4 release as an excuse to call in sick at work today, having already binge-watched the entire season before the end of everyone else’s regular work-day.

But if you’re not into the politically charged high drama of President Underwood’s schemes to achieve his legislative agenda — or if you’ve already watched the entire season and need something else to get started on — there are plenty of other new options worth checking out during the first weekend of March. Whether you’re binge-watching by your lonesome or already have plans to “Netflix and chill” with that special someone, there’s plenty of new content being made available this weekend on Netflix besides the latest season of House of Cards.

For a Sci-Fi movie marathon

Now that Netflix has added Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, and Star Trek: The Search for Spock, all six parts of the Star Trek: Original Series films can be watched from any streaming device to satisfy your sci-fi cravings. In fact, aside from missing Star Trek: First Contact, Netflix has all 10 of the Star Trek films produced before the the 2009 reboot. If you’re a Trekkie that need even more content than that, Netflix has every Star Trek television series on tap, including the animated series from the ’70s.

For millennial stoners

If the mid-’90s were a time in your life when your sense of humor wasn’t quite sophisticated enough to understand the political commentary on Saturday Night Live‘s “Weekend Update” segments, then maybe you had settled on Nickelodeon’s All That for your sketch-comedy needs. If that’s the case, then you probably recognize Keenan Thompson from his pre-SNL days and his incredibly popular “Good Burger” segments. It was so popular among kids that they released a Good Burger movie in 1997. And now it’s available to stream on Netflix.

For an absolute classic

There are some movies that are so important that everyone should see them at least once. From family-friendly classics like The Wizard of Oz and Gone With The Wind to raunchier comedies like Animal House or Dumb and Dumber, some films are simply a must-see. Chronologically introduced to the world between cinematic peers The Godfather and Goodfellas, Scarface is now an option on Netflix. It should be worth your time alone for the epic moment when you finally hear the phrase “Say hello to my little friend!” in the proper context.

For all of your frat-boy fantasies

After three seasons of glorifying the extreme party lifestyle of high-profile NCAA Division I football, Blue Mountain State was not renewed for a fourth season on FX. But like so many shows before it, the cult-like following the show developed after it was cancelled left the fans demanding something more. Before long, a Kickstarter was created and the BMS movie was under way. Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland tells the story of former BMS star Thad purchasing the old Goat House on campus and throwing one more Mountain Goat party. The R-rated project should allow for even more leniency than the sex-and-drugs-fueled sitcom had on FX.

For a modern sitcom

If you want to check out one of the most critically acclaimed sitcoms produced over the last half-decade, then Louie may be just what you’re looking for. The first five seasons are now available on Netflix (and Hulu as well) and the matter-of-fact, FML-style of Louie CK’s storytelling sheds a new light on the life of a single father that tries as hard as he can to provide a good life for his daughters while trying to make sense of his own life. If you’re already up-to-date on Louie, then the Australian (i.e. “original”) Wilfred can be streamed as well. While it only lasted two seasons Down Under (the U.S. version lasted for four on FX and FXX), it stars the same Jason Gann as the neighbor’s dog who always appears to the protagonist (and only to the protagonist) as a full-grown man in a dog suit.

Of course, Netflix always loads new content in much larger waves than what’s listed here. Vulture provides a full list of the content being added to the service throughout the month of March. While House of Cards will undoubtedly be the most-watched content on Netflix this weekend, rest assured that you have plenty of other options when it comes to media you can consume for the first time through Netflix over the weekend. Later this month, Netflix releases the highly anticipated second season of Marvel’s Daredevil,

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