"Marooned" -- Episode 7 of "DC's Legend of Tomorrow"

Arrowverse: ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Recap — Time Pirates & The First Defection

Last week’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (Episode 6, “Star City 2046”) was arguably the most important episode of the series so far, given the significant crossover of Arrow‘s titular character three decades in the future. The crime-ravaged Star City of morrow was a home-away-from-home for the duo of Heat Wave and Captain Cold, and Mick did not leave willingly. After taking the time to help the original Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) and the new Green Arrow (Connor Hawke, biological son of Deathstroke in the Arrowverse) restore some order in the dystopian Star City, Rip Hunter wants the group to refocus on their pursuit of Vandal Savage.

In what felt more like an episode of Star Trek (thanks in part to numerous references) or Battlestar Galactica (thanks in part to the guest-starring role of Callum Keith Rennie) than ever before, Episode 7 (“Marooned”) takes place almost completely in deep space. Viewers are treated to a look at Rip’s past relationship with his wife, Kendra and Ray share their first kiss, Heat Wave officially turns his back on the team, and viewers are introduced to deep-space time pirates!

Time pirates in space

As we learn in this episode, Rip’s wife was a Time Master at one point herself, and that’s when she and Rip fell in love. Such relationships weren’t allowed, however, and his wife sacrificed her place among the Time Masters so that she could be with Rip and he could continue to be a Time Master. Another Time Master from his past is aboard a time pirate’s ship, and she helps lure the Waverider in with a false distress signal. Rip takes Rory and Jax along with him, and all three are taken captive by the time pirates.

While Ray is left in charge of the Waverider — which also included Kendra, Sara, Leonard and Martin — it was ultimately Dr. Stein that saved the day, the bad guys being sucked out of the hull. Hunter got the software upgrade he needed from his fellow Time Master and left her in charge of the ship that the time pirates had commandeered from her.

Heat Wave turns on the Legends — Captain Cold copes

After Hunter loses his patience and tells Heat Wave that he was only invited to come along because Captain Cold wouldn’t come without him — and that he had the intelligence of “meat” — Mick decided to cut a deal with the time pirates and agreed to help them take the Waverider. The episode ends with Snart blasting Rory at an undisclosed place and time with the Cold Gun, so his departure from the team seems permanent.

White Canary from 'Legends of Tomorrow'
On this week’s ‘Legends of Tomorrow,” Sara spends time with Leonard as he decides what to do about Mick (image via LOT).

Before leading the attack against Heat Wave and the time pirates, Snart spends a significant portion of the episode locked in a room in which he and Sara Lance are slowly freezing to death, waiting for Ray and Kendra to figure out a way to save them. Through their conversations, we get a deeper understanding of Snart’s relationship with Rory, and the separation of the two — and Cold’s allegiance to Rip and the Legends — becomes much more significant.

Ray captains the ship — and kisses Kendra

Once again showing Team Captain qualities, The Atom is left in charge of the Waverider while Rip responds to the distress signal. He is forced with making life-or-death decisions while negotiating with a time pirate and trying to save two crew members of his own. When he almost dies in a heroic move to save Captain Cold and White Canary, Hawkgirl has some very heartfelt words for The Atom when it appears he may die.

Ray comes through for Rip, and after the rest of the team is saved from the time pirates and the Waverider remains in tact, Kendra shows her appreciation by unexpectedly (at least to Ray) kissing him.

Next week

The brief 20-second promo that played on the CW while the credits rolled for this episode of Legends of Tomorrow made it hard to see exactly what the crew is up to next week. This extended promo (found at ComicBook.com) makes it more clear that the team is headed to 1959, where Vandal Savage seduces Hawkgirl, Jax gets experimented on, and it appears as though Leonard Snart wears a pork-pie hat.

Where to Watch

The CW airs DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday evenings at 8/7c. Replays of the most recent episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow can be streamed on-demand at the CW’s website beginning Friday. Current episodes of Legends of Tomorrow (including “Marooned”) can also be streamed with a Hulu Plus subscription the day after it airs on the CW.

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