Harry Styles Wins Over Meghan Trainor, Causes Rebel Wilson To Receive Death Threats

Harry Styles has fans all over the world, and now he’s added Meghan Trainor to his list of admirers.

Daily Star reports that Meghan Trainor, possibly most famous for her hit “All About That Bass,” and who was nominated for a BRITS award this year, says that Harry Styles is set for fame and fortune in Hollywood.

Trainor is signed to the U.S.-based entertainment agency CAA, and Harry Styles has recently come on board with the same agency. Trainor seems to believe that it is partly because Harry Styles has recently chosen to sign on with CAA that he is destined for super-stardom. Speaking to the Daily Star, Trainor said that she considers Harry and other stars signed to the same entertainment agency to be mutual friends.

“We have mutual friends – he is signed to CAA like me and Adele.”

Singing the praises of the entertainment agency, Trainor went on to say that CAA will help Harry Styles with every facet of his personal brand.

“CAA do everything, movies, sport, and are kind people, they nurture your career and he will be huge.”

Trainor first worked with Harry Styles in 2015 when he wrote a song for her. In her interview, Trainor also revealed that Harry Styles previously wrote a song for Ariana Grande and that she considers him to be “really talented.”

Meghan Trainor is not Harry Styles’ only fan, and it seems that some of his fans will go to extremes if they start feeling jealous. Evening Standard reports that Rebel Wilson appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with Harry Styles in November 2015, and the two shared a hug while on stage with Ellen.

Unfortunately, the innocent exchange between two fellow entertainment personalities was enough for Rebel Wilson to start receiving death threats from some diehard Harry Styles fans, and it seems that Twitter was the medium that was used to send the threats.

Wilson spoke to Ellen DeGeneres about it recently and said that she was basically “accused of sexually assaulting Harry Styles” because of their shared hug while on Ellen’s show. She referred to Harry Styles’ fans as “12-year-olds” and said that they were “very unhappy about that.”

Wilson justified the encounter by saying that she and Harry Styles are simply “two professional entertainers having a good time,” and that she tried to explain this to Harry Styles’ fans on Twitter, but they responded by sending her more death threats.

Seeing the humorous side of the situation, 35-year-old Rebel Wilson joked that she and 22-year-old Harry Styles have not struck up a relationship after their encounter on Ellen’s show.

“There’s been no further action.”

Wilson went on to joke that she and Justin Bieber had shared a “moment” while they were both in Las Vegas, but she didn’t elaborate for fear that she would start receiving death threats from Bieber’s fans, too.

Unreality TV reports that, although Harry Styles has been spending time in Los Angeles meeting with members of his new management team (presumably the CAA entertainment agency that Meghan Trainor speaks so highly of), he is now back on London soil. It is reported that while in L.A., Harry Styles was finalizing plans involving the release of a new solo album in late 2016, and entertaining proposals regarding acting projects that he may consider for this year.

Prior to his time in L.A., Harry Styles was on holiday on a luxury yacht off the coast of St. Barts where he was spotted with Kendall Jenner, Ellen DeGeneres, and Portia de Rossi.

Fans have since spotted him in Oxford doing some grocery shopping, and reported that he has had a haircut and a “style makeover” since his return to London soil.

[Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images]