united states many citizens will migrate to canada if donald trump wins

United States: Many Citizens Will Migrate To Canada If Donald Trump Wins

Many United States citizens will migrate to Canada if Donald Trump becomes President on November 8. Proof: the Canadian government’s immigration website crashed at the conclusion of Super Tuesday, a big event in U.S. politics. Like a flock of birds darkening the skies as they flee winter in desperate search for warm sanctuary, a mass exodus of gargantuan proportion can occur.

The situation may also be likened to a stampede of prey animals in an African jungle or the frenzied running of dinosaurs as they are chased by a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the Jurassic Park movies. It was the Times of India’s Chidanand Raighatta, who first brought to light how Google noticed that searches regarding how to move to Canada surged by 350 percent to as much as 1,500 percent on March 3.

Perhaps a more conservative way to help visualize the meaning of such incredible Web statistics, is to imagine bumper-to-bumper traffic in the areas surrounding the United States-Canada borders as well as long lines at the gates. It was on Super Tuesday when it became apparent to most Americans that Donald Trump has a strong chance at the U.S. presidency as he outgunned his Republican party opponents. CBC poll analyst and ThreeHundredEight website founder Éric Grenier reports that “Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were the big winners…taking most of the 11 states that voted in the Democratic and Republican presidential nomination races.”

Grenier downplayed the achievements of Trump on the fateful day when America woke up to the reality that the dark horse has become a thoroughbred race horse in the U.S. elections: “These results may look good for Trump, but his advantage is not as significant as it might seem. Trump won only one-third of the popular vote and about 42 percent of the delegates at stake, putting him just slightly ahead of Cruz, who won 28 percent of the vote and 38 percent of the delegates.”

On the other hand, The Guardian’s David King says, “one chilling statistic for Clinton stands out: more than 8 million voters took part in the Republican Super Tuesday contests, while the Democratic turnout was around 5.5 million.”

Translation: Republican candidates led by Donald Trump have drawn out more voters than their Democratic counterparts. Eight million versus 5.5 million clearly show that like a dissected frog getting an electrical shot in the arm and galvanizing it into action, the voting citizenry of the United States of America seems to be reacting more to the stimulus of Trump and his competitors. Alarmed by the possibility of electing a president that a lot of people love to hate, The Los Angeles Times issued a strongly worded editorial on March 5.

“Donald Trump is not fit to be president of the United States. Many people have said it — politicians of both parties, economists, pundits, business leaders — but millions of GOP primary voters don’t seem to be listening. Much of the Republican base has taken leave of its senses, a flight blamed alternately on inchoate anger, disgust with inside-the-Beltway candidates and misplaced affection for a plain-speaking cartoon character who often seems to utter whatever nonsense comes into his head.”

Editorials of this nature are usually issued by the Fifth Estate when it finds something very alarming that the public needs to know or do something about. It’s like the alarm clock going off in the morning. This time, however, such a wake-up call appears to have gone too far, if it has not yet gone contrary to the basic tenets of democracy.

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Freedom of the press allows calling a candidate a dictator and a demagogue. However, to argue that a mere businessman or someone who does not possess any political experience is unfit for the United States executive office, that will be outright undemocratic. After all, any law-abiding U.S. citizen should have the right to run for the presidency. If this principle were not observed, a housewife, for example, may be barred from applying for the highest office in the land.

Never mind if the United States electorate makes a mistake in choosing the best man or woman for the job. Citizens do have the right to migrate like birds; this is democracy in action.

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