Lil Wayne may be shaded by Zayn Malik

Lil Wayne’s ‘Gotta Lotta’ As Zayn Malik Dumps ‘Weezy’ Album Cover

Lil Wayne is currently releasing another collaboration with 2 Chainz called Gotta Lotta, but Zayn Malik appears to be shading him by changing his upcoming album cover to something that resembles Lil Wayne a little bit less.

MTV reports that Zayn Malik decided to change the cover of his Mind of Mine album that will be released on March 25 to a topless photo of himself. This replaces the previous idea Zayn Malik had for his album cover that many fans were saying looked a lot like Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III album cover.

According to Rolling Stone, Zayn Malik taunted those accusing him of ripping off Lil Wayne with the following statement.

“I’m not tryna be no rapper, my album is me a child.. My ideas have been with me a long time. Use your brain, appreciate art don’t discriminate what you don’t understand.”

Although Zayn Malik protested the idea that he stole the idea from Lil Wayne, they did in fact release a remix of “Pillowtalk” less than a week later.

Now, Lil Wayne is deeply entrenched in yet another collaboration, and there is likely less drama surrounding it. According to Entertainment Weekly, 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne decided to release a collaboration called “Gotta Lotta” and the song release on iTunes was Lil Wayne’s way of teasing their album ColleGrove coming out on Friday, March 4.

Lil Wayne also announced on the same day that he is going to be collaborating with Chance the Rapper, according to Hip Hop DX, but the details of the project have not yet been stated.

Lil Wayne said he would collaborate with Chance the Rapper
Lil Wayne has added Chance the Rapper to his list of future collaborations. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Anheuser-Busch)

What is interesting is that Chance the Rapper was recently featured on Kanye West’s Life of Pablo — and Kanye claims he is going to be working with Lil Wayne in the future. Is there a surprise on ColleGrove that Lil Wayne has been keeping from fans?

The Fader writes a clarification of what Kanye West was trying to say about Lil Wayne on March 2 with the following.

“A rep for Kanye West told The FADER over email that this is not a project between the three of them [Kanye, Lil Wayne, and 2 Chainz].”

Outside of being randomly swooped by Kanye West, Lil Wayne has also been the focus of Earl Sweatshirt because he is now doing DJ sessions in Los Angeles… and Lil Wayne is commonly heard in Earl Sweatshirt’s mixes, according to Noisey.

Lil Wayne promoted by DJ Earl Sweatshirt
Earl Sweatshirt is working as a DJ now and promoting Lil Wayne in Los Angeles. (Photo by Fiona Goodall/Getty Images)

Of course, Lil Wayne is still doing guest appearances in person in addition to his Dedication Tour. WFLA reports that Lil Wayne will be in Tampa Bay, Florida during the March 5 weekend for the Wild Splash Wild 94 Radio Festival at the Clearwater Coachman Park.

Although fans see a lot of Lil Wayne with his performances and collaborations — some say he is not much of a talker… depending on the subject. One interview critic at IOL said Lil Wayne was often obviously bored when the reporters were asking him questions outside of music.

For example, when watching Lil Wayne interviews, they often do not get much response from him about his personal life despite the fact that “[h]e’s a father and those close to him claim that he puts his family first.” They go on to say the following about Lil Wayne and what they would like to see in an interview.

“With all the gritty stuff he has to say in his music, it will be intriguing to see him melt from hard-core rapper to parent.”

However, there are always strange turns of events in Lil Wayne’s life in the media, and now the controversial gun technique used to prosecute Lil Wayne in 2008 is being highlighted again, according to Jordan Times.

In 2007, Lil Wayne was convicted for a gun found on his tour bus by using a specific DNA evidence technique. Interestingly, the technique used to prosecute Lil Wayne is now being brought into question and may no longer be used as reliable evidence in court.

[Picture by Roger Kisby/Stringer/Getty Images]