Caitlyn Jenner On 'Celebrity Apprentice': The Cast Is Set, Will Arnold Schwarzenegger Add Her To The Show Anyway?

Caitlyn Jenner On ‘Celebrity Apprentice’: The Cast Is Set, Will Arnold Schwarzenegger Add Her To The Show Anyway?

The cast is already set for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first season with Celebrity Apprentice, but now rumors are heating up that one more celebrity may have been added to the show. Caitlyn Jenner has made a lot of progress for the transgender community over the past year. Will Jenner appear on Celebrity Apprentice in some capacity? It’s looking like Jenner’s appearance might become a reality, according to Hollywood Life.

“Arnold has talked to Caitlyn to appear on Celeb Apprentice for an episode and be involved in a challenge for the show,” claims a source for Hollywood Life.“That will most likely happen.”

So, it looks like Caitlyn Jenner won’t be competing on Celebrity Apprentice, but she very well might make an appearance. Celebrities have been involved in the challenges before and we’re betting that Jenner will appear on the hit NBC reality competition in support of one of her causes and may even have some influences over the judges that week. So far, there’s no word on what Caitlyn’s specific role would be, but fans are waiting to hear more.

Caitlyn and Arnold recently caught up on Snapchat and let fans know that they have been friends for a long time. Schwarzenegger, when talking about his friendship with Caitlyn said, “[She’s] very good friend, wonderful person. We’re having a great time schmoozing.”

That was when Caitlyn chimed in.

“Yes. [we go] way back, I’m talking over 40 years.” That is true because both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Caitlyn Jenner were huge athletic stars back in the 1970s and did rub shoulders on numerous occasions. Both athletes have moved on to reality TV in recent years and continue to have a lot in common despite having taken two very different paths.

Schwarzenegger landed the role of the boss on Celebrity Apprentice for the upcoming season after Donald Trump was removed by NBC. While the replacement has been recently reported due to Trump’s bid for the presidency, his removal from the show really came after a public outcry during Trump’s initial announcement that he planned to run. Donald Trump made some rather offensive comments about Mexican immigrants and his plans to “Make America Great Again” as his campaign slogan claims. For that, Trump ended up losing both the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants, as well as his role on Celebrity Apprentice.

During the controversy, Trump ironically was the one who got fired while also threatening to sue everyone from Univision to NBC. It is unclear if those lawsuits are still pending or if they were even filed. Thankfully, the show will go on for the pageants, and for Celebrity Apprentice, but the ratings with a new boss are still yet to be determined.

There are a few changes to Celebrity Apprentice that will set the NBC reality show apart from the way it looked when Donald Trump was on the board. This season, the show will take place in California instead of New York City. This probably plays into Caitlyn Jenner’s appearance on the show, since she lives in southern California herself.

Despite having Schwarzenegger in place as the new boss, and a whole new cast of competitors, there still is no premiere date announced for the NBC hit. So far, we know that Celebrity Apprentice will be back in 2016, it’s just not clear what the exact date will be. At least some of the filming for the show has already taken place.

Will you tune in to see Arnold Schwarzenegger take on his first term with Celebrity Apprentice? What do you think Caitlyn Jenner’s role will be on the show?

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