Miley Cyrus drops crazy antics for Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus Prevents Liam Hemsworth From Ending Engagement By Ditching Crazy Antics

Miley Cyrus has made significant changes in her life, all for the sake of making her engagement to Liam Hemsworth last, sources allege. The 23-year-old, who was reportedly dumped by the actor in 2013 following endless media scandals and erratic behavior, is said to be trying to change her ways so that she doesn’t have to go through the experience of another breakup again.

One of the reasons why Hemsworth was said to have taken her back was allegedly down to him knowing that Miley wasn’t the crazy girl she was portraying herself to be. He was bothered by the idea that his fiancée would perform naked on stage, endorse marijuana on social media, and, most of all, sing raunchy lyrics that supposedly are far from the person she really was.

According to Us Magazine, Miley Cyrus has certainly adapted to the change. She considers Liam the love of her life, the man who knows her better than anyone. The fact that the Hunger Games actor has given Cyrus another chance shows just how much he loves her, insiders gush.

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“She wants to make sure she keeps him. She either doesn’t answer their calls or says she’s not going out. Liam never liked that she got crazy, so Miley’s making big changes. She doesn’t want to screw it up.”

The source continued, saying, “They know what they have is real. Miley needed some time to grow up, but she feels ready for this now.”

Miley was only 19 when Liam Hemsworth first proposed to her. They needed some time apart to really figure out whether getting married at such a young age was what they truly wanted at that time.

Clearly it wasn’t, as Miley Cyrus went on to split from Liam, embark on a hectic work schedule — following the controversy surrounding her VMA performance in 2013 — and fall in love with socialite Patrick Schwarzenegger.

Their romance quickly fizzled out after Miley reportedly learned that Patrick was still seeing his ex-girlfriend at the time, and there were multiple pictures to prove it.

Why Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Haven't Been Spotted Together Since Engagement

Now that she is back together with Liam Hemsworth, she feels the happiest that she’s ever been. The Hollywood star just recently purchased a multi-million dollar home near the actor’s mansion out in Malibu, showing clear signs that they are both committed to making the relationship work.

A source at the time revealed that with Miley buying a home in Malibu, she not only wants to be closer to Liam but also see whether they can potentially move in together. This time around, she’s being much more careful, knowing just how lucky she is to have been given another chance with the man who wanted to marry her since 2012.

With insiders claiming that their engagement is back on, Miley Cyrus and Liam have yet to start planning their wedding, although there doesn’t seem any rush for the couple to get hitched anytime soon. They are taking things one step at a time, a source affirms, adding that they are both just happy to be back together again.

Do you think Miley Cyrus can pull herself together in the hopes of making her relationship with Liam Hemsworth last, or do you think it’ll be over in a matter of months?

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