Netflix paying $4,000 for the next Instagram Grammaster.

Netflix Paying $4,000 For Instagram Photographers, Dream Job For Photographers Who Love To Travel

If you like taking pictures and are looking for a job then it might be time to consider a Netflix opportunity to travel the world and take Instagram photos for $2,000 a week.

That’s right, Netflix is willing to pay Instagram photographers, called “Grammasters,” $2,000 a week for two weeks to travel to Europe and the Middle East and take pictures of TV and movie sets.

“Be part of the movement that’s revolutionizing entertainment.”

It’s the perfect dream job for social media gurus who love to share their world via Instagram photos, Twitter info blasts, and Facebook oversharing. If this sounds like you, then hop on the bandwagon and make sure you apply to Netflix by the deadline.

The Grammasters will travel to sets of popular Netflix shows and movies in Europe and the Middle East taking pictures and posting them to Netflix’s Instagram account. They may also be called upon to make media appearances and conduct interviews.

Netflix has promised to make all the travel arrangements and pay for all expenses for their Instagram Grammasters, so if you love to get paid to travel this might be the perfect job for you.

“We’re looking for TV & movie fans with a talent for taking pictures.”

If you’re trying to use social media to become famous then this might be the perfect job for you; everyone will be glued to your Instagram photos and you get to travel the world on someone else’s dime.

Unfortunately, it’s not a full time job with benefits and coworkers gossiping around the water cooler, but it is great money just to travel to exotic places and take photos that everyone else will be jealous of.

If your Instagram account is full of gorgeous cityscapes, exotic food, beautiful landscapes, and picturesque locations, then this Netflix Instagram photographer job might be perfect for you.

Anyone who is interested in applying should first follow @Netflix on Instagram and hashtag their three best Instagram account photos with #Grammasters3 by this Sunday, March 6.

Applicants must be at least 21-years-old and use an electronic device with a digital camera; photos must be your own and be copyright free.

“Choose photos that show off your interests or passions.”

Comment your favourite thing about New York City ???? @craigsbeds #nycdotgram Selected by @chris_j_riley

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There’s no word on what criteria Netflix will use to judge your photos, but 25 finalists will be announced March 11 via Instagram, then, on March 29, Netflix will announce four finalists to be their Grammasters.

If you’re looking to work in the streaming industry then consider that’s not the only media job Netflix is offering, however.

The streaming company is also looking to hire marketing and media specialists, IT gurus, SEO and web content strategists, creative analysts, and content curators along with social media experts.

Netflix began as a DVD-by-mail service company in 1998 and began streaming movies in 2007; it quickly grew in popularity as consumers discovered the comfort and ease of streaming movies from home. The streaming company did so well it put Blockbuster into bankruptcy in 2010.

Its first original programming began with House of Cards in 2013 and now the company has dozens of original shows with hundreds of hours of original programming.

With some 44 million subscribers in the United States alone, Netflix is the largest user of internet bandwidth.

If you don’t get the Netflix Instagram job, try applying to LucasFilm to work on upcoming Star Wars movies.

Sci-fi fans with a media or technical background would be right at home in their San Francisco or Marin offices.

If you love Instagramming and want to get paid to travel then try applying to be Netflix’s next Grammaster.

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