Oracle Exalogic 2.0

Oracle’s Exalogic 2.0 Focuses On Elastic Cloud

Oracle announced on Wednesday its new Exalogic 2.0, an engineering system that combines hardware and software “engineered to work better together,” which truly merits the name “Elastic Cloud.”

ZDNet reports that the Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software 2.0 brings the company’s VirtualMachine 3.0 to the systems, which will give them the ability to support bigger “virtual machines, simplified management, and more sophisticated workload and power management.”

Ajay Patel, vice president of Oracle Fusion Middleware, said on a call discussing the technology that:

“A lot of the improvements you are seeing here are the ways we’re rearranging software. It’s [become] a virtualised cloud platform.”

V3 notes that Patel went on to say of the new Exalogic 2.0 that:

“The focus for this release is around making Exalogic the premier choice for running business applications, both Oracle applications and those from independent software vendors.”

He also explained that the design goal for the software is to provide a platform that runs any Java application, although the support has now been extended to C, C++ and Cobol so that Exalogic can support “any modern enterprise application that you have out there.”

According to Information Week, the previous version of software included a degree of virtualization capabilities, but with the new version, Oracle was able to add a server-level virtualization, which make it significantly easier to spin up and spin down capacity. Mike Palmeter, senior director of product management for Oracle Exalogic, stated:

“We now have virtual network-, storage-, and server-level capabilities through which we can create enterprise application environments in an automated way.”

Are you excited to try out the new Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software 2.0?

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