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Harry Styles Inspires Taylor Swift Reveries, Kardashian PR Schemes And Fellow Fashion Gender Benders

Harry Styles is an inspiring guy, whether he’s trying or not.

Fans will declare Harry “king of sitting” when he’s photographed slumped in a chair and compile pictorials dedicated to the evolution of his man bun. But that doesn’t make Harry a lightweight! The heartthrob is equally celebrated for his deep compassion, his political activism, his flair for fashion, and his songwriting for everyone from Meghan Trainor to his own band One Direction to petite pop star Ariana Grande, as reported by Sugarscape.

Harry Styles inspires the whole spectrum of emotion in his fans and haters, often without meaning to. When Harry used photographer Ezequiel Scagnetti’s picture without permission and Ezequiel complained, it sparked such a massive fan furore that the photographer shot back, accusing Directioners of “spreading hate — unlimited hate — in the honor of Harry Styles,” as reported by PetaPixel.

At the other end of the spectrum, when Harry spoke out about his passion for the issue of universal access to education, he inspired an outpouring of love and generosity, with fans organising a “Harry Styles’ birthday drive” to raise money for the Malala fund, in honor of a Pakistani girl named Malala Yousafzai who was shot by the fundamentalist Taliban just for saying she wanted to go to school, as reported by the ABC.

Ms Yousafzai [opposed] the Taliban’s drive to deny women education in north-west Pakistan – a region where women are expected to keep their opinions to themselves and stay at home.

Between these extremes of hate and love, Harry Styles has inspired a lot more! Here are a few more of the greatest scams, tantrums, shades, reveries, lyrics and tributes Harry has inspired over the years, featuring everyone from lovelorn Taylor Swift to business-minded Kris Jenner.

Notice the way Harry manages to bring the true character of each person he inspires up to the surface, like a poultice drawing poison to the surface of the skin.

That could go well or very badly. Watch out Harry!

James Corden was inspired to entertain

The Late Late Show funnyman recently appeared in a WSJ Magazine article covered in Harry Styles-style tattoos, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Harry even retweeted Corden’s tweet saying that it was Harry that inspired his look!

The comic and television star mocks Harry’s dreamboat poses, come-hither eyes, and James Dean-ish facial expressions. Corden’s flabby body is covered in tattoos that vaguely resemble Styles’ (note the butterfly in the center of Corden’s chest — Harry has the same inking), but in Corden’s case the tattoos are densely concentrated, rather than artfully spread out and randomised. This concentration of the tats serves to emphasise Corden’s bulkiness even further.

The entertaining pictures appear in a piece about how Corden has changed late night entertainment. WSJ notes the contrast between warm, personable Corden and his icy predecessor, David Letterman.

The energy [of late night TV] is different now. Letterman once built a reputation by coolly deconstructing the talk-show format and reveling in the chilly awkwardness of celebrity interviews. [Corden] tends to offer celebrities a smoother landing strip, often soliciting their help in an effort to create content that will go viral.

Kris Jenner got instant dollar-sign eyes

Jenner is a PR master and will even milk a sex tape starring her own daughter, according to the Daily Mail. When Harry and Kendall Jenner were spotted making out on a yacht over New Years, nobody was surprised to see Kendall’s mom there looking on with approval. It seemed like Kris had taken one look at the beloved Harry Styles and seen a chance to catapult the Kardashian brand to a new level!

Many recoiled in horror at the thought of Harry getting involved with the Kardashians. Fans flipped out when a rumor appeared saying Kris was pressuring Harry and Kendall to appear on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

PR inspiration was abundant, and it was an exciting time for businesswoman Kris, but “Project Harry” was not to be — Harry and Kris’ daughter Kendall broke up a month later, as reported by Hollywood Life.

Jared Leto upped the emo ante

Jared Leto is an emo force to be reckoned with and is often seen sporting black painted nails and dark smudgy eyeliner, and he was right across the skinny jeans trend when One Direction had barely started high school.

It was no surprise when Leto expressed his love for Harry by mimicking Harry’s own take on gender-bending fashion: a rose-tie feature placed over the top button of a shirt.

Taylor Swift wrote some flirty lyrics about her tight little skirt

Woo! Writing about break-ups is what Taylor does best. It made her name and her fortune, and if Harry thought he was going to be spared the honor/horror of a Taylor tribute after their break-up, he had another think coming.

Taylor’s song “Style” celebrated that “James Dean daydream” look in Harry’s eye, and hinted — to everybody’s surprise — that adventurous, edgy Harry was a fan of the prim “red lip, classic” style Taylor favors, and which feminist Camille Paglia has criticised the songstress for, as reported by The Inquisitr.

(Photo by John Marshall/Invision/AP)