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‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Season 3 Major Spoilers: Ken’s Identity Revealed? Season 3 Airs This Summer!

So much has been going on during Tokyo Ghoul Season 2. However, Season 3 is expected to be a lot more controversial, as it is speculated that Ken Kaneki’s secret identity might be jeopardized.

In Tokyo Ghoul Season 3, Ken is living under the pseudo name Kaise Sasaki. He is working as an Associate Special Class Ghoul Investigator. After losing his memories for a short time, Ken has transformed into a well-known ghoul. He even got the nickname, Black Reaper.

The Black Reaper suited him very well. Since he became Haise Sasaki, Ken had grown black streaks in his hair. He also wore black attires whenever he worked.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 will also be an awakening for Ken. He is slowing accepting his ghoul side, but he warned that his relationship with “Kaneki” cannot last forever. Ken clarified that they are still two different beings fighting for one body.

Uncovering Ken’s Ghoul

When the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation finished, Ken recalled the physical abuse he had undergone with his mother. At the same time, Kaneki’s also remembered a repressed trauma he had when he was young.

As Ken started to remember his past, he became a lot more aloof and violent. He even brutalized Kanae. As Tsukiyama tried to calm him down and reassured him that everything will be back to normal, he stabbed Tsukiyama through the chest.

Ken will struggle to find the balance between his being and Kaneki’s. However, he will succeed as a ghoul. He eventually became the mentor of the Quinx Squad, but they had a fight when Ken learned that the team did an investigation without him.

Ken found himself struggling to find justice in the ghoul’s prejudiced system.

Pierrot Studio Ready For Season 3

Though there have been reports and rumors about the third season of Tokyo Ghoul, it was not until the last quarter of 2015 that the release for Season 3 was finalized.

Tokyo Ghoul (Tumblr)

When Will was able to confirm that Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 will be out this 2016. Though this is an exciting news for Tokyo Ghoul fans, many are wondering if the new anime season will follow the storyline from the manga. If so, how will the anime version follow with the Tokyo Ghoul: re manga that only has 43 chapters for now.

Many believe that this will not be enough to fill in an entire anime season for Tokyo Ghoul. However, reports suggest that Season 3 might focus on the former waitress Touka Krisihima and Ken. Ken and Touka might be training partners for the upcoming season.

In a Reddit thread, a supposed Tokyo Ghoul Root A draft by Ishida was posted. Though fans believe this is a legitimate draft, they are still worrying about the accuracy of the anime version to the manga.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A original draft by Ishida
Tokyo Ghoul Root A original draft by Ishida (Reddit)

A user, allwordsaredust, noted that the anime version of Ken has no similarities with the true manga version.

“Anime Kaneki is absolutely nothing like manga Kaneki – anime seems to have no personality whatsoever and somehow missing both his sweet side and his sadistic side, and I don’t even know how they managed to mischaracterise him so much.”

Because of the big disparity of the previous anime seasons to the manga version, fans are thinking manga creator Ishida is held back by Pierrot Studio. Some even suggested that Ishida could be best fit to Studio IG or Bones.

Because of the limitations on the anime version, people thought Tokyo Ghoul Root A was “ridiculously boring,” according to a user.

For now, the fans will have to wait for the new outcome of the anime version. There are no specific dates yet, but it was suggested Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 will be out this summer.

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