Watch Killer Mike Criticize Hillary Clinton Again: Was She Wrong For Kicking Out A Black Lives Matter Activist?

Rapper Killer Mike has criticized Hillary Clinton Sunday for shunning a Black Lives Matter activist who heckled her during a private $500-per-person speech in South Carolina.

In general, the Run-The-Jewels rapper questioned Clinton’s political record as accusations of her policy “flip-flops” add to the growing doubt that the Democratic front-runner is truly a Progressive.

Earlier last week, a young protester called Hillary out regarding her derogatory comments that she made in 1994 harshly criticizing Black youth.

The former Secretary of State allegedly stated that Black children should be “made to heel,” effectively equating them to feral dogs essentially.

She was also accused of calling black youngsters “super predators” during her comments about the level of crimes allegedly committed by Black children.

The protester was immediately greeted with boos and hisses from the small crowd right before having her proclamation completely disregarded and ultimately being escorted out through a harsh gauntlet of criticism.

The Root followed the story and uncovered the video of the protester, identified as Ashley Williams, to figure out why she took a stance against Hillary. In the video, she stated the following.

“In this quote she is pathologizing and demonizing and also criminalizing black youth and other youth of color in terms of how they participate in criminal activity or how they are involved in criminal activity. I found these comments really racist and inappropriate. And also untrue.”

The consensus of trust among the black community and some progressives seem to be fading as the #whichhillary? hashtag gains prominence on Twitter and criticism of the candidate increases.

Hillary simply noted that the issue will be “discussed later,” and the video ends with Hillary getting back to more “important issues.”

Hillary’s display of criticism for the young protester is similar to how her husband dealt with a disgruntled marine this past week resulting in Bill Clinton telling the vet to essentially “sit down, and shut up.”

In response to Hillary brushing off the Black Lives Matter protester. Killer Mike took to the stage to criticize the former Secretary of State for her actions when the rapper spoke at Claflin University.

According to Pitchfork, Killer Mike juxtaposed Hillary’s criticism with how Bernie Sanders handled an occurrence he had with two activists who rushed the stage to protest last August.

Sanders allowed the two women to speak their minds before taking his stage back in a non-criticizing manner. Despite the abrasiveness of the protesters actions, Killer Mike said that Bernie Sanders still had the patience to sit back and listen to their comments when he had every right to tell them to “sit down, and shut up.”

For Killer Mike, that speaks volumes to Senator Sanders’ character as a candidate who’s genuinely interested in listening to all issues that American citizens face, even it’s not convenient.

Mike also strongly urged other black voters in South Carolina during his criticism — a state where Hillary has already won the primary — to ultimately choose “Bernard Sanders” for that reason as he continues to be a highly-vocal campaigner for Sanders.

Mike also appeared on MSNBC, according to Pitchfork. The rapper sat down with Chris Hayes in an interview in which he talked about Bernie’s storied track record of political activism, especially regarding black and civil rights issues dating all the way back to the 1950s.

Killer Mike revealed that Bernie has always been progressive on his stances, and perhaps more importantly, consistent.

Recently, old photos have even emerged of Bernie Sanders protesting during the Civil Rights Movement. Sanders fought all forms of racial, sexual and social injustice when he attended university in Chicago and throughout his long career in politics.

Killer Mike added that Senator Sanders has always been this person during his critical speech of Hillary Clinton.

Mike has been critical of Hillary before. Mediaite reports that Killer Mike has already received backlash via Twitter for his “uterus” comments about Clinton.

“A uterus doesn’t qualify you to be President of the United States.”

Mike has since defended himself on his comments in a series of tweets claiming that the comments were quoted by a “progressive women,” and that they were taken completely out of context.

So what do you think? Is Killer Mike justified in criticizing Hillary Clinton?

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