Analysts: LTE Tablets Are Waste Of Money

4G LTE tablets are a waste of money according to a new study from research firm CCS Insight. According to the report 48 percent of tablets shipped in 2011 were cellular-enabled and by 2016 just 37 percent will feature the same data connectivity.

According to CCS Insight:

“Most users do not regard cellular connectivity in tablets as a must-have, especially given the current price of tablets and mobile data subscriptions.”

The firm found that nearly half of cellular-tablet owners never activated the cellular service but instead purchased the 3G and 4G LTE devices because stock was readily available.

CCS Insight says of the data technology:

“In the future, the share of cellular-enabled tablets will be determined by three factors: the availability and attractiveness of multi-device tariffs from mobile operators; the availability of public Wi-Fi networks; and the difference between the retail prices of cellular and Wi-Fi-only tablets.”

Various analyst reports have found that cellular service among tablet users has dampened because of the high cost associated with cellular data use. Verizon Wireless has attempted to gain more tablet data access through its new Share Everything plans, a service that may be emulated by other providers if successful.

One of the main considerations for many users is likely the fact that 4G LTE tablets have been less than quick entering the market while many smaller markets have yet to receive 4G LTE data.

Would you buy a specific tablet device in order to gain access to 4G LTE technology or do other tablet features attract you to a different tablet?