Kate Hudson On Growing Up In A Family Comfortable With Nakedness And Jennifer Aniston Butt Squeeze

There’s no question that Kate Hudson has a fit body and that the actress and the face of Fabletics athleisure-wear is comfortable and confident in her own skin. The choices of midriff-revealing ensembles and form-fitting pieces Hudson often rocks, demonstrate how happy she is flaunting her figure.

The beauty spoke with Conan O’Brien on the host’s late night talk show, as E! Online relays, sharing that she is more comfortable naked.

“My family’s always been a [very] comfortably naked family. I’d much prefer being naked than clothed,” she told the host. “I just find clothes restricting. When I get home I just want to be naked.”

Recently, the 36-year-old mother revealed that her level of comfort with her body runs in her famous family. The star spoke openly about her actress mom, Goldie Hawn, noting times when the Oscar-winning actress would welcome company in barely-there numbers.

“When you’re a dancer, you’re very comfortable with your body…and my mom was a dancer, Mom would come flying down the stairs. We’d have all of our friends there and she’d be in like little tiny numbers.”

The author and fitness enthusiast took the time to make an inspirational and motivational lesson out of her and her family’s comfort with their exteriors.

“I’m gonna actually just take a good look at what’s in front of me in the mirror and get comfortable with it because it’s mine and accept it. That’s the family that I come from.”

The beauty also shared her reaction to a handsy moment on the red carpet at the Golden Globes with non other than equally as fit star Jennifer Aniston. ET relays the scene when Aniston grabbed Hudson’s behind.

“The 2015 Golden Globes may be way behind us, but Jennifer Aniston’s behind grab of Kate Hudson is still fresh on our minds. While on Conan on Thursday night, the 36-year-old actress addressed the ‘cozy’ moment from the awards’ pre-show.”

As Entertainment Tonight shares, Conan clearly wanted to hear more about the interaction between the two gorgeous and talented women. Hudson indulged him humorously.

“Look, girls are cuddly. You know, we’re tactile. We like to squeeze and touch and hug and snuggle. It doesn’t mean it goes any further. It just means that we like to get cozy. She got cozy on the carpet.”

Aniston was obviously giving Hudson credit for maintaining such a lovely and fit form.

Hudson has kept busy with acting in various roles and continues to represent her Fabletics line alongside her brother Oliver Hudson, who is the face for the men’s line. However, the company has taken heat recently for the tactics used to draw people in and gain continuous consumerism from their buyers.

The parent company JustFab, utilizes a strategy that ropes one time buyers into potentially being monthly buyers by forcing consumers to subscribe with an online purchase, which then ties them into purchasing a certain amount of product on a monthly basis unless the buyer cancels the subscription.

Forbes recently noted the controversy that has come along with the inexpensive active-wear that has become a steady rival to the well-known Canadian brand Lululemon. The publication detailed the issue that has turned off a large number of subscribers.

“The rub, for Fabletics subscribers: if a member doesn’t want to buy a discounted sports bra in any given month but forgets to notify JustFab within the first five days, he or she is charged anyway. Members receive credit towards future purchases if they forget to bypass a month.”

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 10: Kate Hudson attends a studio cycling session hosted by Kate Hudson at Equinox Sports Club in West Los Angeles to celebrate the launch of Fabletics, a new lifestyle athleticwear brand co-founded by Hudson and JustFab Inc. at Equinox on October 10, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Fabletics)
[Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Fabletics]
JustFab has since indicated that they are educating buyers better to avoid the surprise of the expected monthly purchase. That aside, the brand has been a fabulous option to those who want quality active wear at a lower cost. Kate is certainly the perfect spokesperson for the fitness wear line.

[Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images]