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Arrowverse: ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Recap — Star City 2046 (Gray-Haired Green Arrow & Deathstroke’s Son)

When last week’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (Episode 5, “Fail Safe”) ended, Rip’s team of Legends were stranded in Star City in 2046. When confronted by a shadowy, bow-and-arrow-yielding man wearing a hoodie, they are surprised to find out that it isn’t their friend Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow. As it is revealed later in the show, the new archer is actually Connor Hawke, who has essentially tried to fill the void of the original Green Arrow in the dystopian Star City of 2046.

During Episode 6 (“Star City 2046”), the Legends must work with both Hawke and an aged Oliver Queen. An important part of the Waverider was damaged in the emergency landing, and the team must find a way to retrieve a replacement while navigating crime-infested Star City. Unfortunately, Deathstroke’s son has taken over the city. Believing the original Green Arrow to be dead, Deathstroke wants Connor (and his new time-travelling friends) to be executed publicly. Given some of the characters’ attachment to Oliver Queen (specifically Ray, Kendra and Sara), they must help restore some order in Star City before refocusing on Vandal Savage.

The Legends in Star City of the future

With so many characters, there were several different sub-plots throughout the episode. The risks of including professional criminals in your gang of heroes was exposed when Heat Wave and Captain Cold got a taste of life in a world without cops or heroes. Able to take leadership of a local gang after easily wasting their leader, Heat Wave was treated like a king among thieves and wanted to stay in 2046 Star City. Captain Cold, however, reminded him that they have friends who need their help. Eventually, Heat Wave gave up his spot in future Star City — but he certainly wasn’t happy about it.

As they tried to fix the ship, a love triangle developed between Kendra, Jax and Ray. While Stein is also involved indirectly, it turns out that Kendra wasn’t ready to add romance to her newly-complicated life, so both Jax and Ray will have to look elsewhere for love.

Sara Lance feels an emotional tie to the team’s surroundings more significantly than any of the others. It is her home city, where the League of Assassins (who trained her) worked with Team Arrow to fight the original Deathstroke and his minions. She can’t stand to see how things have turned out for Star City and refuses to leave until she helps Arrow and Hawke.

Rip Hunter, all the while, continually reminds the team that what they are experiencing is merely a “possible” future for Star City. Everything was back to normal in 2016, but it has broken down by 2046. Despite the fact that their entire mission is to travel through time to protect the future, Hunter seems especially adamant that the Legends get involved as little as possible. They clearly convinced their leader otherwise.

By the end of the episode, Grant Wilson (Deathstroke’s son) is killed, and it would seem that the two Green Arrows of Star City 2046 will work as a team to clean up their metropolis.

Green Arrow in 2046

Oliver Queen of 2046 is not the Oliver Queen of 2016 — at least not when they first find him. The residents of Star City (including Connor Hawke) have assumed Queen was dead. In fact, he was hiding out in the defunct Arrow Cave. He is missing his left arm (thanks to Deathstroke, Jr.) but has access to a robotic prosthetic.

Oliver Queen and Connor Hawke
Green Arrow — old and new — make an appearance in the most recent episode of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” (image via CW TV).

By the end of the episode, Queen officially gives Hawke his endorsement as the new Green Arrow. With the Legends continuing to time travel, however, the potential future of Star City portrayed in this episode may never come to be.

Connor Hawke in 2046

While his origin story in DC Comics originally named Connor Hawke as Oliver Queen’s illegitimate son, his background story in the televised Arrowverse has him as the son of Queen’s friend and confidant, John Diggle. His birth name, in fact, was John Diggle, Jr.

Believing that the original Green Arrow was dead, Hawke took it upon himself to fill the void. While the two seem to make amends at the end of this episode of Legends of Tomorrow, it’s quite possible this entire future will never exist.

Deathstroke in 2046

Not a lot of attention is given to exactly what happened to the original Deathstroke and how his son Grant Wilson came to power. But he’s clearly running things in 2046 until he’s killed at the end of this episode.

Next week

While the end of LOT usually gives away where and when the team will be travelling to in the next episode, Hunter merely says that they’ll be going after Vandal Savage “when he least expects it.” The brief clip shown for next week’s episode makes it clear that all is not well within the Legends, and a “civil war” of sorts just may break out on the Waverider.

Where to Watch

The CW airs DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday evenings at 8/7c. Replays of the most recent episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow can be streamed on-demand at the CW’s website beginning Friday. Current episodes of Legends of Tomorrow (including “Star City 2046”) can also be streamed with a Hulu Plus subscription the day after it airs on the CW.

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