‘Penny Dreadful’ Releases Terrifying Trailer For Season 3

‘Penny Dreadful’ Releases Terrifying Trailer For Season 3 [Video]

Penny Dreadful on premium cable channel Showtime is about to enter its third season. The monster drama has just released it first trailer for season 3 and it is exciting to say the least.

According to Deadline, there is going to be something unique about season 3 of Penny Dreadful. Just consider the name for a moment and that will make perfect sense to anyone that watches the show to start with.

At its core, Penny Dreadful is a monstrous hit with a grave warning for people that look to pervert science to their own monstrous ends — for people who look to dismiss the characteristics and behavior of mental instability. With those combined characteristics, the show takes from classic horror literature every element that is basic to a civilized audience who dreads the consequences of people, or things, that lurk in the darkness.

The first two seasons of Penny Dreadful have been a delightful spin on the characters of classic literature, which includes Frankenstein and his monster, the Wolfman, vampires, the Harkers, Dracula, Dorian Grey, and many others.

Each season of Penny Dreadful seems to be better than the last, which adds more and more characters that seem to just keep coming with no real resolutions. The only exceptions to that might suggest that the characters of these shows may be interacting in a new spin on “alternative fiction.”

The series title, Penny Dreadful, derives from the various stories that took place in popular fiction in the Victorian era. So it only seems fitting to have all of these characters in the show.

Now that Penny Dreadful is entering its third season, it will be introducing the newest classic character to the list, which will be Dr. Jekyll, and presumably, Mr. Hyde.

Both of those characters come from the classic novel from author Robert Louis Stevenson. It is unclear what their roles will be in the series and the trailer does not add too much to the spoilers for the season. But suffice it to say, the character has so many different potential arcs to hit on the show that he could potentially be vying for bragging rights alongside Victor Frankenstein.

Another interesting piece of news for season 3 of Penny Dreadful is that Patti Lupone, who guest starred last year on the show, will be returning this year. But she will not be returning as her former character, but rather as Dr. Seward, a fictional character from Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula.

It is indeed a rare decision to bring an actor back to a show and play a different part, unless the show is an anthology series like FX’s American Horror Story. But there is another unique element to her being cast in the role. In the book, Dr. Seward is a male character. It seems as if Penny Dreadful has decided to gender swap the part for their show and cast Lupone in the part. They have also cast the character as an American therapist who has an unconventional approach to treating his patients. Fans can only assume that the patient she will be attending to will be the lead character, Vanessa.

Returning to the show are stars Josh Hartnett, Eva Green, and Timothy Dalton. All three have been with Penny Dreadful since the first season of the popular horror series.

There has also been speculation on social media that at some point on the show, they may bring in other characters from recent classics, such as the vampire Lestat from the Anne Rice series of Vampire Chronicles. The sky truly is the limit for how many characters of classic literature are readily available to the show.

Season 3 of Penny Dreadful will be premiering on Showtime on May 1 at 10 p.m. EDT.

[Image via Showtime]