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Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi (photos) Killed in Apparent Murder Suicide

steve mcnair sahel kazemi dead

Steve McNair and his lady friend, Sahel Kazemi, both found dead Saturday in McNair’s rented condo in Nashville, TN, were killed in an apparent murder suicide.

When news of Steve McNair’s death was breaking earlier, there were very few details available, but now that the police have had a chance to investigate further, it appears that McNair and his lady friend, Sahel Kazemi were killed in a murder suicide.

The Tennessean is reporting that McNair was found on the sofa in his rented Nashville condo with several gunshot wounds to his head and body. Kazemi was found near him with a single, apparently self-inflicted gunshot to the head. There was also a pistol found next to her body.

McNair, a married man, met Kazemi while she was working as a waitress at a restaurantat a few months ago and had been dating up until the time of their deaths.

A few days ago, Kazemi was pulled over in a black Cadillac Escalade and was charged for drunk driving as well as refusing to submit to a breath test. McNair was in the vehicle with her. McNair also bailed her out of jail later that day.

So far, this situation has all the earmarks of of a love triangle gone bad, but it’s still too early to determine what actually happened.

Autopsies will be performed on the bodies of Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi (photos above) Sunday and more concrete details will be released by the Coroner and police afterwards.

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24 Responses to “Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi (photos) Killed in Apparent Murder Suicide”

  1. Norm

    McNair will now be known as a dirt ball. Do dumb stuff and karma kicks you in the butt. Or shoots your in the head. What an idiot.

  2. CatS

    See what you get for f—ing around on your wife. And now the mrs. has to explain this to her children. Well, he made his bed and now he has died in it. So sad for the family.

  3. Datruthx26

    You'll are idiots trashing the dead mind your f**king buisness u have no right talking sh*t it's his buisness
    norm u been warn shut the f**k up u 2 cats ur wack on crack dead beats rip Steve mcnair you'll be missed

  4. brianwillingham

    1. Multiple gun shots wounds to McNair, from the rear.

    2. One gun shot wound to the head of the Kazemi.

    3. A gun is found near Kazemi's body.

    4. The police are not looking for suspects.

    5. This is a murder/suicide.

    6. Why are the police and the media dancing around it.

  5. sir topham hat

    Steve, steve, wow, dude, if you didnt want to be married anymore, you should have left. Why reach down in order to cheat on your wife. Steve, rip, your life shouldnt have ended over some ass, especially, some ass that was less than.

  6. jlav

    Some of you need to shut up….so a guy has a girl on the side and he deserves to get shot in the head now??? Ridiculous. All of you wish you could get some. The fact is that two young people died and that is terribly sad.

  7. Happy Camper

    I am so happy for Steve McShit's death. He fcked around and now he got fcked in the worst posible way.
    Enjoy the hell.

  8. Avenger

    I hope you enjoy hell too you worthless piece of sh!t. Steve McNair was a great man for the people of Tennessee, maybe a bad husband but a good man, I hope you're soul is spotless what with all the stones you're throwing. Grow up.

  9. Mike

    Un-less you know what it feels like to be caught between two people you love?
    Don't judge…It is without the the worst feeling a person can ever have!!

  10. yes

    LOL, welcome to Us of the Gay. Bunch of assholes like “Happy Camper”. America is shit.

  11. hefner

    I bet you a million dollars McNair is a Jesse Jackson, Bill Clinton fan.

  12. Buddy Lee

    No kidding, what an ugly bitch, I wonder when/where she got her nose broke. She looks like Ricardo Mayorga.

  13. luvswalkin

    Thank you Fifthgradeteacher. I teach also–some of these yoyos are sooooooooo spelling challenged!! And I guess the period died?? haha

  14. Lexie

    This was a sad and tragic story. Regardless if he was still married, they were separated. And who he was seeing was his business. That why it's called PERSONAL LIFE! The real issue is why people feel they have to take someone's life, and their own. What the hell is this world coming too?! The fact is that his children lost a Father.

  15. V

    Kharma goes both ways for those of you who spew hate and criticism in general and especially when someone dies. RIP Steve—thanks for the football memories…we are praying for your children and family!

  16. happycammpersucks

    happy camper you are a fucking moron. your life is worthless. i can only imagine the outpouring of joy at your death. here's hoping we're not far from it. the world wil be a better place without you.

  17. Travis Baker

    I worked with that chick at a Red Robin, she was a crazy bitch.

  18. Judith

    That is so true, Sir Topham Hat. She was a no good ugly murderous cow. Like I said, it's a shame she didn't live long enough for somebody to kick her a$$ so she might feel 1/100th of what she is putting his family through. Steve was a good man who made a bad choice. She was a selfish no good murderer. You can see it in her eyes.

  19. Poor Hef

    Hef – I think it's funny how you feel the need to advance your political/religious agenda with a post like that.

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