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Mitt Romney Closes The Gap In Virginia, A Key Swing State

Heavy campaigning in Virginia has paid off for Mitt Romney

We don’t exactly know what he did, but it looks to have paid off. President Obama’s lead in the key swing state of Virginia has disappeared, setting him neck-and-neck with opponent Mitt Romney, according to a new poll.

This report comes just shy of Wednesday’s CBS/NYT poll showing Romney and Obama deadlocked together, causing some concern for the incumbent’s re-election hopes. This morning’s Quinnipiac University poll out of Virginia suggests a significant blow to President Obama, giving his re-election team good reason to worry, reports the Huffington Post. The polling data:

“Republican challenger Mitt Romney wipes out President Barack Obama’s lead in Virginia and the two candidates are deadlocked 44 – 44 percent in the race for the Old Dominion’s 13 electoral votes, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. This compares to a 50 – 42 percent lead for President Obama in a March 20 survey by the independent Quinnipiac University and a 47 – 42 percent Obama lead June 7.”

The state is shaping up to be a key battleground state in November, notes CNN. President Obama did win the state in 2008, but was the first Democrat to do so since 1964. Those 13 electoral votes could go either way this time around.

“Virginia voters are sharply split along gender and political lines about the presidential race. The two candidates equally hold their own political bases and are splitting the key independent vote down the middle,” said a statement accompanying the data.

Though Romney is inching up on Obama, it hardly means that Americans are sweet on him. Then again, it also means that they’re souring on Obama as well. “Neither man is exactly Mr. Popularity,” says the statement. “Romney has a negative 39—42 percent favorability, compared to Obama’s divided 46—48 percent. One of them is going to win the White House, but neither would get elected Prom King.”

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24 Responses to “Mitt Romney Closes The Gap In Virginia, A Key Swing State”

  1. Chas Holman

    Today Ann Romney told the American people….

    "WE'VE Given All YOU PEOPLE Need to Know'.

    'You people'……

    Get it yet?

  2. George L Smith III

    Yep YOU PEOPLE, who have a hard time understanding that Mitt Romney is in full compliance with the law; in fact, he’s EXCEEDED what’s required under the law in terms of disclosure…

    Would you prefer the moniker….MORON?

  3. Jill Alden

    Agreed….but I am afraid the people living in Applachion Mtns don't or the ones in Southern Utah where polygamy is practised!!!

  4. Carol Lynn Ward Staggers

    I am voting for Romney. I have always voted Democrat my whole life as a voter. I didn't vote for Obama the first time and I sure will not vote for him this time. He is destroying our country and we have to get him out.

  5. Shaina Kelly

    @Jill Allen…next time you try to belittle a group of people, at least spell check your nonsense. You can't act superior to such "country folks" if you can't even spell. Thank you, try again.

  6. Michelle Rodriquez

    I'm voting for Obama because he's not a LIAR like Romney is.Romney would destroy this country,just because he's a business man does'nt mean he can run a country,and he's too conservative for my taste,and he needs to show his tax returns too….the man IS out of touch,he has no business in the White house.

  7. Anonymous

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  8. Chas Holman

    Hi George.. the law has little to do with how one runs their campaign.. if you think the Governor has been forthcoming enough to dampen the swelling ranks of even those in his own party from wondering what gives, as an enthusiastic Obama supporter all I can say is that's 'fantastic'.

  9. Michelle Rodriquez

    I dont feel like he has exceeded anything EXCEPT to show that he lies,he can twist words around to benefit his view,he was at Bain Capital longer than he said he was,and whats with the off shore bank accounts,usually if some one does that,they want to avoid paying taxes.Every one else pays their taxes why should some one who wants to be President of this country not have to do it?

  10. Jill Alden

    @ Shaina Excuse ME But I have been put down by your friends in the gun and Teabagger community….so DEAL with it Country Folks

  11. Jill Alden

    Shaina….Most Americans are SICK of your predjudice and hate and would live it if you would just STFU

  12. Jill Alden

    Shaina….most Americans are SICK of your prejudice and hate and wish you would just STFU

  13. Shaina Kelly

    Prejudice and hate? Excuse me for wearing a uniform and standing beside my brothers and sisters in arms (from all walks of life and all colors of skin) to allow you the freedom to be ignorant and express whatever speech you're trying to portray. I may live in the great state of Virginia, but by golly, I can spell. Teabagger? Get a grip. Seriously. Some people ya just can't help…sheesh.

  14. Linda Graalum

    Michelle Rodriquez – My questions is why it is so upsetting that Mr. Romney is only showing 2 years of tax returns when in fact, of the House members, only 17 have shown more than two years.

  15. B Cheryl Daniels

    Umm….I live here in the Appalachain Mtns……and definitely do not support Obama- so I am a moron? Or did I misunderstand what you said?

  16. Jill Alden

    OOHH You stand beside all your Bros & Sisters in the KKK community???Yeah you are right….some people you just can't help. You still haven't gotten over the fact that you lost the Revolutionary War and blacks can vote. Did I spell that one right??????????????? YOU are the ignorant MORON

  17. Shaina Kelly

    Um, we WON the Revolutionary War, where have you been? You must mean the Civil War ignoramus. I think you skipped History class one too many times, because you don't have a clue. In case you aren't aware, We gained our independence from ENGLAND during the Revolutionary War. Which had nothing to do with voting rights. But I'm the moron, such a country bumkin that knows a little something.

  18. Kathleen White

    Anyone who will not offer transparency has something to hide. Romney is a rich old white guy who outsourced good paying jobs to India, appears to have hid money in the Cayman Islands and God only knows what else. I would not vote for him if he was the only one on the ticket.

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