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Baltimore Cop Responds to ‘Vicious Dog’ Call, Adopts the Hell Out of Friendly Pitbull

Last week, pitbull fans and dog lovers across the world were saddened to learn that a young pitbull-like dog, Lennox, had been destroyed in Northern Ireland due to a “dangerous breeds” law — despite international offers to re-home the beloved pet abroad where his breed did not violate any laws.

Despite worldwide outcry, Lennox’s plight did not move city officials, and although the pup had never attacked anyone, he was put down. But this week, there is some better news about a “dangerous” pup in need, some judgmental residents, and the kindness of Baltimore Police Officer Dan Waskiewicz.

Waskiewicz was one of two officers responding to a report of a naughty dog terrorizing residents in a residential neighborhood. When the cops arrived on scene, residents were shouting at the pup. Waskiewicz and his partner approached the strange beast, and what happened next is definitely a fairytale puppy adoption story.

Via Fark, Waskiewicz explains the story to a blog. He begins:

“I’m a Police Officer in Baltimore City. I am originally from Wilkes-Barre, and I am a fan of your organization and Pit Bulls. Today I received a call while on duty about a vicious dog chasing kids. When I came on the scene, I noticed people yelling out their windows at the dog. I followed the dog into an ally to see how it was acting. Going on my own approach, being a dog lover, I got out of my car and called the “vicious dog” over to me.”

pitbull saved by police officer