AMC’s ‘Preacher’ Chooses Jack Earle Haley To Play ‘Odin Quincannon’

In the AMC adaptation of Preacher, Odin is described as a small, decrepit old man who is a real “heavy-hitter” in Annville County, Texas. He also runs the Meat & Power slaughterhouse in town — his 125-year-old family-run cattle business.
In Preacher, Odin is well known as a racist being an active member of the local KKK branch. His conduct will also be highly controversial. For instance, during one run in with the Preacher Protagonist, Jesse, he was discovered having sex with mannequin made out of meat products.

This is just one of many pivotal moments of the Preacher franchise, and it will be interesting to see how AMC and Haley handles them.

Agent Carter alum, Dominic Cooper, takes on the role of the Preacher, himself, with a troubled past. His main goal now, on his walk of faith, is to track down God and hold him responsible for forsaking mankind.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. actress, Ruth Negga, was recruited to play Tulip O’Hare. Tulip O’Hare is Jesse’s ex-girlfriend who helps him out on his quest, loves beer, and is also a vampire.

Some other confirmed popular characters and the actors portraying them are, True Blood‘s Lucy Griffiths as Emily Woodrow — a church organist and Jesse’s loyal right hand. This Is England‘s Joseph Gilgun: As Cassidy — The Irish vampire. And Ian Colletti as Eugene Root (aka Arseface).

The producers say that Preacher will indeed depart from its source material — something that is usually considered a cardinal sin for diehards fans, yet Catlin, Rogen, and Goldberg are promising that they will instead be rewarded if they bare with it.Goldberg stressed the issue during the Television Critic’s Association winter press tour on Friday,

“It didn’t seem at first we should [deviate from the comic] that way and then we talked to Garth and he encouraged us to make small changes,” noting their priority is to “make it a good show first and foremost…. We want fans who love the comic to get everything they want — but we make twists and turns.”

Ultimately, the produces have stated to have a strong desire to do the Preacher series justice with their adaptation.

Rogen added this on the deviations, “We want viewers to still be surprised.” He Stated that the closed-ended comic wouldn’t stretch as a TV series very will if they didn’t throw in a couple of twists and turns along the way. The aim is to have even long-time fans of the comics dying from the suspense.

Hopefully, Jack Earle Haley will be just as virulent as Odin is in the Preacher graphic novel. Fans will be able to find out if he does just that this summer.

If you haven’t seen the debut trailer AMC’s Preacher, then check it out below:

It’s unlikely that producers will stray too far away from the physical appearances of Earle’s character from the Preacher graphic novel series. However, his behavior and personality, could be a different story.

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