'RHOBH' Star Kyle Richards' Bestie, 'Morally Corrupt' Faye Resnick, Is Causing Trouble With Even More Of The Housewives [Image via Bravo]

‘RHOBH’ Star Kyle Richards’ Bestie Faye Resnick Is Causing Trouble With Even More Of The Housewives

It’s been 20 years since the O.J. Simpson ordeal, but that hasn’t stopped new housewife Kathryn Edwards from keeping a grudge against Kyle Richards bestie Faye Resnick, and it is all playing out for the cameras on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

For those who need a little catching up, Kathryn Edwards was married to O.J. Simpson’s best friend Marcus Allen, and years ago, when Faye Resnick published her tell-all book about the O.J. Simpson trial, she claimed that her best friend, Nicole Brown Simpson, was having an affair with Edwards’ husband, reports Radar Online.

Kathryn and Faye first came face to face at a barbecue at the home of Kyle Richards. Faye and Richards have been friends for a long time, so Faye was invited to the outing along with the other ladies from The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills.

“Faye alleged that my ex-husband, Marcus Allen, had an affair with Nicole Simpson. It was nobody’s f**king business,” Kathryn said according to Radar Online.

But before Kathryn confronted Faye, Kyle stepped in, warning Faye that Kathryn had a major problem with what she wrote about in her tell-all book.

“I’m not about ready to have a conversation with Kathryn or anyone else for that matter about something that was so painful for me,” Faye said.

Faye Resnick [Image via Bravo]
Faye Resnick [Image via Bravo]

Bustle reports that Resnick wrote in her book that O.J. wanted to know the names of the people Nicole had supposedly slept with during their separation, and it’s then that Edwards and Allen are brought into the mix.

But despite Faye’s unwillingness to talk about the past, Edwards wasn’t going to let it go that easy, reports Radar Online.

Sitting across the table from Faye, Edwards couldn’t hold back, saying, “She capitalized on a tragedy… Faye put herself in the situation right after Nicole was murdered.”

“There’s very few people in my life that I’ve like carried like a dagger for like if I ever get the chance to frickin’ say what… she’s one of them,” Edwards continued well within earshot of her nemesis.

Then Edwards spoke directly to Faye, addressing the elephant in the room.

“My name was never mentioned in anything until you brought my name up.”

But Kyle Richards and Faye Resnick both remained calm, cool, and collected with Faye saying, “I have nothing to say to anyone about what happened 20 something years ago. I mean, that was a very hard time, and you know, it’s sad. There’s not really much to discuss at this point, is there?”

Kathryn Edwards [Image via Bravo]
Kathryn Edwards [Image via Bravo]

Kathryn seemed to be taken back by the lack of willingness to engage in a confrontation, stating that she will never be friends with Faye Resnick.

Despite appearing to reach an agreement on the show, off screen, Radar claims that Kathryn still hates Faye and thinks the housewife is a total hypocrite for not wanting to discuss Nicole with her, yet she published a tell-all book about Nicole and the murders. Never mind the fact that Kyle seems pretty disturbed that every time Kathryn is around, she is bashing her bestie.

Lisa Vanderpump [Image via Bravo]
Lisa Vanderpump [Image via Bravo]

And while the feud between Faye and Edwards is brewing, Lisa Vanderpump also took the time to dish out her take on Faye, who has attacked her in the past.

“You could’ve said to me, ‘I’m having a dinner and Faye Resnick’s going to be there. I’m letting that orangutan out of its cage,'” Lisa told Kyle, reports E! News. “I don’t like her.”

But Lisa took the diplomatic road this time, despite Kyle’s complaining about newcomer Edwards bashing of friend Faye.

“Well, then you know what? I like her.” Lisa told Kyle. “Faye’s your friend. You talk to her…I am not the bloody conduit here. I’m not the messenger. I’m going to get a drink. You sort it out yourself.”

Tell us! With the drama at an all-time high, who’s side will you be taking – Kyle Richards, Faye Resnick or Kathryn Edwards?

Catch up on all the drama when The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo and check out their first face-to-face below.

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