Jenelle Evans faces medical crisis.

Jenelle Evans Drops Health Bombshell: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Has Spine & Brain MRI For Scary Symptoms Amid Ex’s Arrest

Jenelle Evans is garnering concern amid new reports that the Teen Mom star was hospitalized in New York City for medical tests. Despite initial rumors that Jenelle was just having fun in the Big Apple with beau David Eason, in reality, Evans was going through a serious health crisis, according to what a source revealed to Radar Online.

The trip to New York City was planned by Jenelle to have medical tests. Evans, 24, posted upbeat photos on social media, but the reality wasn’t so cheerful.

#GoobVibes #NYC #IceSkating #Trump !!! ???????? perfect way to end today. ???????? @johnnydonovan @uncledave01

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“She went to get an MRI,” said the source. “[That’s] why she is in NYC.”

Moreover, Jenelle herself finally shared the reason for her visit on social media.

“If you all MUST know why I’m here, like I said up here for medical reasons,” posted Evans, elaborating, “this MRI of my spine and brain.”

???????? if you all MUST know why I'm here, like I said up here for medical reasons.

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As for her symptoms, Jenelle has been hospitalized on three occasions recently to figure out what’s causing coordination problems, breathing concerns, trouble walking, and restless leg syndrome. Although doctors initially provided a diagnosis of anxiety, Evans sought more tests to determine other possible causes of her troubling symptoms.

Radar’s source noted that Jenelle has been on overload.

“She’s been busy and stressed,” explained the source.

Jenelle Evans is stressed by her health crisis.
Jenelle Evans is stressed by her health crisis. [Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for GBK Productions]

And the stress levels weren’t helped when Evans initially got criticized by Teen Mom fans for heading off on a vacation to New York City instead of parenting her offspring, reported the Hollywood Gossip.

Those fans shared on social media that Jenelle is more obsessed with having a good time than being a parent. That may be one reason why Evans finally shared the hospital photo and revealed her medical tests.

As for the results of those tests or a new diagnosis? Jenelle hasn’t revealed the answers yet, but she has since returned home.

But Evans has feared that something serious is wrong, said a source cited by She Knows.

What's really wrong with Jenelle Evans?
What’s really wrong with Jenelle Evans? [Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

“Her nerves are all messed up in her body and she has restless leg syndrome and can hardly walk. She has shortness of breath and loss of coordination and balancing when walking,” revealed that source.

Despite the initial diagnosis of anxiety related to stress, Jenelle asked for a thyroid test and also felt that she might have arthritis, according to the same source.

“She’s having hot flashes like insane and overload in every sense of her body. She feels like she has arthritis in her knees,” added the source.

“Jenelle doesn’t think it’s stress-related. The other hospital said it was anxiety, but they ran simple blood tests and Jenelle told them they were wrong, and to take a thyroid test on her. They refused and discharged her and sent her home.”

Now, however, Evans has persisted and had the additional tests, including the MRI that she revealed. And although she’s back home, that doesn’t mean the drama is over.

Jenelle is coping with a situation that concerns her ex, Nathan Griffith, reported In Touch Weekly.

His attorney revealed that Nathan, 27, turned himself in following the issuing of a warrant for his arrest.

“Nathan turned himself in on the warrant that was issued for misdemeanor larceny,” said attorney Megan Milliken.

The situation resulted from charges that Jenelle filed alleging that Griffith stole her auto. Nathan was released without having to pay any money by agreeing to go to his court dates. Evans had gone to a magistrate to get the warrant that resulted in the arrest. Very few states have this type of arrangement whereby a citizen can get a warrant for the arrest of someone, but North Carolina is one such state.

“Ms. Evans, after speaking to law enforcement, then went to the New Hanover County magistrate’s office and swore out a warrant,” elaborated Nathan’s attorney. “What that means is that law enforcement did not issue this warrant. This was something that Jenelle Evans did on her own initiative.”

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