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‘The Division’ Reveals Outside The Beta Zone, Brooklyn Borough Discovered, And Other Inclusive Areas

Tom Clancy’s The Division beta testers have been making discoveries within the action-RPG MMO game. With the limited beta, it does stand to reason only a finite amount of areas can be explored to the point of attempting to find hidden gems or Easter eggs.

Recently, a player found an explore-able area outside of the beta’s limited zone. There was also a Brooklyn folder in the directory tree, as well as other areas involving familiar territory.

A high-level sniper that indicated a faction called “The Last Man Battalion” was already discovered in The Division game at the north end of the Dark Zone, according to the Inquisitr. Now, VGA 24/7 reported a Reddit user’s discovery of how he was able to get himself beyond the boundaries of the beta’s playable area. When this occurs, the player is automatically transported to the “test zone.” This usually happens after 10 seconds of going beyond the borders of The Division map.

Reddit user chowdapowa9 made this discovery and upon restarting the game, a player can then respawn back into the area outside the beta’s locale. Of course, this video captures a wash-rinse-repeat action every 10 seconds as the player compiled a montage video revealing a good amount of an undiscovered portion of the map.

This process in The Division beta game was cycled through for 30 minutes until the Reddit user decided to put a halt to a rather daunting but helpful experience. After going through all that, he or she gave their synopsis of what they discovered underground, and it’s possible classification. The venue was switched to the 3D map view revealing the border line and the player’s whereabouts outside the zone.

“It got a little tedious so I quit after about 30 mins. There appears to be an underground containment zone underneath that massive construction zone that was in the non-beta zone next to the Dark Zone Checkpoint.”

Another interesting discovery in The Division was a folder referencing the New York City borough of Brooklyn. This was not unlike the discovery of Fallout 4’s harpoon gun that sprouted rumors of a possible underwater environment in future DLC, according to the Inquisitr. Now, yet another Reddit user discovery revealed this portion of NYC which could indicate its inclusion in the game come release time, according to The Bit Bag.

So far, Ubisoft has not confirmed Brooklyn, Long Island, or Staten Island will be in the game on the release date, but this folder may indicate otherwise. Further research into the map of the game revealed certain parts of Brooklyn were already shown during previous Division game trailers, according to Eurogamer.

That being said, two Dark Zone locations in Brooklyn were revealed, as well as the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges crossing the East River. There is also an Extraction Zone located on the north side of Brooklyn.

The Division is not without its exploratory areas and known landmarks. The game’s creative director, Magnus Jansén, suggested that there’s an ample amount of detail in the game that can allow for a satisfying and fulfilling experience. Some locations that are well known to New Yorkers may give a feel of familiarity and perhaps tourist gamers paying a visit to Manhattan will find navigating the Big Apple a bit easier after playing The Division.

“This is tourist NYC – landmark buildings and lots of skyscrapers. You could see a show, climb Rockefeller, take the Grand Central tour and eat at Bubba Gump’s shrimp place in the New York that they are offering. But, I am 90 percent sure this means the Friends apartment will not be in the game.”

But Division and Friends fans may wonder how Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Monica, Joey, or Rachel may fare in this post-apocalyptic world hit by a deadly epidemic. Who will survive?

Will even the iconic Friends’ fountain be discovered in-game? According to IGN, it was reported how closely Ubisoft paid attention to every detail when the developers replicated Manhattan and included important landmarks and popular buildings.

Tom Clancy’s The Division game debuts on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the PC come March 8.

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