Joey and Rory

Joey Feek Cancer Update: Joey And Rory Receive Visit From Pastor That Married Them 14 Years Ago

Joey Feek is still fighting a fierce battle with terminal cancer, but that doesn’t stop her from welcoming visitors into her home.

On Tuesday, February 9, Rory Feek, Joey’s husband and duet partner, shared a photo on their Facebook page of Joey visiting with their friends Mike and Sally Rosser. Mike and Sally were special visitors, not only because of their friendship with the country music duo, but also because Mike is the pastor that married them nearly 14 years ago.

The photo was taken in Joey’s dimly lit bedroom with her hospice bed facing towards the window so she can see outside. Although you can’t see Joey’s face in the photo, you can tell she is awake enough to be able to enjoy getting to see her dear friends.

Joey visits with friends
Joey Feek receives special visit from the pastor that married her and Rory nearly 14 years ago
[Photo via Facebook/ Joey and Rory]
“…blessed w a beautiful visit and time of prayer last night from our sweet friends Mike & Sally Rosser. Mike is the pastor who married us almost 14 years ago,” Rory captioned the photo.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Joey Feek was diagnosed with stage four cervical cancer in May 2014, three months after she and Rory welcomed their adorable daughter Indiana (Indy). At the time, her doctors informed her of her treatment options, which included a hysterectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation. Joey took the doctor’s advice and underwent a radical hysterectomy and then started her chemo and radiation treatments. Although she appeared to be doing better and had hopes that she would beat the disease, an October 2015 scan revealed that Joey’s cancer had not only returned, but had spread to other parts of her body, including her colon.

Joey and Indy
Joey Feek, confined to hospice bed, spends time with her daughter Indiana
[Photo via Facebook/ Joey and Rory]
Because the cancer was spreading so aggressively and rapidly, there was little to nothing left for the doctors to do. Although she could continue to be treated with radiation and chemo, the doctors told her it would only buy her a little more time, not provide the cure she had so desperately been hoping and praying for. Therefore, as hard as it was, Joey made the heartbreaking decision to stop treatment and return to her home in hospice care to live out the remainder of her life surrounded by her friends and family.

“For the most part, Joey’s time on hospice so far has been a roller coaster,” Rory wrote in a November post on his blog This Life I Live. “One moment her light is very dim and she sleeps all the time and is struggling with the simplest of things. And we (along with the doctors and hospice) believe that the time must be very near…And then, she’ll awaken one day and start talking and we’ll see that familiar spark in her eye. And she will be so crystal-clear with her thoughts, we will gather in the next room and say, ‘maybe, just maybe…?'”

Indiana Feek
Indy spends her mornings making her mother smile
[Photo via Facebook/ Joey and Rory]
Joey knows her days are numbered, but she still tries to make the best of each moment, especially with her daughter Indy. Each morning when Joey wakes up, Rory takes Indy into her mother’s room so they can spend a few precious moments together before Joey drifts back off to sleep. Although their time together is limited, Rory takes every opportunity to catch those moments with his camera so they can remember them long after Joey is gone.

“Without realizing I was doing it, God has allowed me to capture hours and hours of Joey and her life at home on the farm, raising Indiana, and playing music,” Rory toldPeople Magazine during a recent interview. “I can’t help but believe that those clips will be an important part of keeping Joey’s memory alive in Indy’s heart.”

[Photo by Kevin Winter/ Getty Images]