Jennifer Aniston On Being Spoiled By Hubby And Secret To Fighting Cancer

Actor and screenwriter Justin Theroux is getting prepared to do some heavy-duty spoiling of his star wife Jennifer Aniston. At a press event for Zoolander 2, which he co-wrote and plays a small role in, Theroux shared as to how he intends to make this month a memorable one for Jen, seeing as it involves both Valentine’s Day and the Friends star’s birthday. The star spoke with Extra about the extensive spoiling done of his wife between Christmas and Jen’s birthday.

“It comes fast and furious, we have Christmas then New Year’s, then we have her birthday and then Valentine’s day. So she gets a solid of two months of just being lavished with some good stuff. I’m thinking of moving my birthday to January to break it up.”

In addition to all of the celebration focused mainly on Aniston, both Jen and Justin are excited to be celebrating 6 months of marriage. Each have relayed how elated they are about being husband and wife. Justin spoke about how he feels 6 months into being married.

“Everything is wonderful, getting used to the arithmetic rhythms of shooting a television show, rushing home, going back to the show, going home, going to Rome for Zoolander.”

It seems like having Jen as a part of Zoolander 2 action would be a no-brainer seeing she has the comedic presence and humor to keep things interesting on-screen. Theroux shares about how they had considered Jen for a role, but that her schedule conflicted, jokingly also adding that they couldn’t afford her.

“She was working, I couldn’t get her out there. And we couldn’t afford it … then I finally just gave it to her (the script) at breakfast one day, and she was like, ‘Are you kidding me?” We did want her to be in it, it was just a scheduling thing.”

The sure-to-be hilarious comedy Zoolander 2 will hit theaters on February 12. As for Jen, the beauty has been busy with a number of projects, and has most recently signed on to star as The Fixer, Denise White, who has been referred to as “the Woman Who Bails Out the NFL’s Bad Boys,” according to Variety.

Watch the trailer for Zoolander 2.

Both Justin and Jen have got their plates full, yet ensure to keep a healthy balance in all manner from diet and exercise to spending quality time with one another. One part of Jen’s daily routine for keeping energized and rejuvenated, apparently, is also an apparatus that is effective in warding off cancer cells. The New York Post notes the correlation between Aniston’s routine and the apparent cancer-cell deterrent.

“Jennifer Aniston is using a portable infrared sauna installed at home to fend off cancer cells.. Proponents of the unregulated treatment believe that, unlike regular saunas, which only heat the skin’s surface, infrared rays warm from the inside, killing off bacteria, molds, viruses, fungi and cancer cells before they turn into a tumor.”

There are, however, naysayers about the method to prevent the development of cancer cells, such as oncologists from the University of Texas and Brent Bauer, who is the director of Mayo Clinic’s Complimentary and Integrative Medicine program. Bauer shared that even though small studies regarding the sauna’s use have shown benefits to preventing high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and arthritis, there is not enough conclusive evidence demonstrating that the sauna has effectiveness in fighting cancer.

Others swear by the rejuvenation felt by ongoing use of the sauna. including Wendy Meyers, a clinical nutrition student.

“I’ve never felt better. People who use this are going to have longer health and longevity.”

Jennifer Aniston may be on to something with this infrared sauna regimen of hers. It certainly doesn’t sound like it has any negatives.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for The Critics’ Choice Awards]