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Joe Giudice Cheating Scandal: Will Teresa Talk About It On ‘RHONJ’?

Joe Giudice was a single father to all four of his daughters when Teresa Giudice was locked up late last year. She had been sentenced to 15 months behind bars, but she served just under 12 months. She’s just wrapped up her house arrest, and Joe is getting ready to serve his own time. Joe is scheduled to serve 41 months, and he will most likely serve close to all of it. But before he goes in, his wife may want to talk to him a bit about his behavior.

According to a new People report, Joe Giudice has been accused of cheating on his wife when she was locked up. Pictures surfaced several times of Joe with another woman, and he has been photographed by the paparazzi while out with the woman. Despite seeing the pictures, Giudice’s wife doesn’t believe that he would ever cheat on her. In fact, she believes that he has stayed faithful during the time she was locked up.

Teresa hasn’t said much about the cheating rumors while she was locked up, and she didn’t address anything in regards to Giudice’s behavior once she was released. But now, a month after her release and just weeks before Joe turns himself in, she is speaking out about his supposed cheating while she was locked up.

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“No women has ever come up to me and said that my husband was having an affair with them,” she told People magazine this week, adding, “It’s sad that if there are any women around him people take pictures of him and sell the photos to a magazine. I feel bad for him.”

She doesn’t think that Giudice did anything wrong. In fact, she claims that she knows who these women are, and they are mutual friends. When Giudice saw the pictures in prison of Joe having lunch, dinner, or just hanging out with women, she may have been happy for him. So, will she talk about it on The Real Housewives of New Jersey? Probably not.

“He could be out with friends that are single and, you know if they’re talking to girls, that doesn’t mean that Joe is doing anything just because a girl is sitting at the same table as them,” she added about Joe’s behavior, adding, “So I feel bad for him in a way. Because the poor guy, you know, he’s not doing that.”

Of course, the rumors about Giudice cheating could stem from the troubling scenes on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Before Joe and Teresa were sentenced, they filmed a few scenes in San Francisco with their co-stars. During a lunch in a vineyard, Joe Giudice took a call from someone. He talked to the person in a sweet voice, and when his wife came up to talk to him, he claimed that he was talking to a business partner. He also referred to his spouse as his “b***h wife” when she was walking up to him.

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Giudice later apologized for his behavior, but this behavior planted a seed for many people. If he could talk like that in front of her, what could he do behind her back? According to Radar Online, Giudice has done many things, including going on a double date with a woman and two friends last year. The date supposedly happened at Seabra’s seafood restaurant in Newark, New Jersey, just months after Teresa had turned herself in.

“It was totally inappropriate,” Stephanie Palacios, an eyewitness, told Radar Online last year, adding, “Teresa should be upset. You can tell if someone is just a friend, but it wasn’t like that. They had chemistry. They were a couple.”

Do you think Joe Giudice cheated on his wife while she was in prison?

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