Photos From The Future: The Top 10 Suggestions From Reddit

Photos From The Future: The Top 10 Suggestions From Reddit

Photos from the future: If you could see one photo from the future, what would it be of? Reddit users were asked this very question, and some of the responses were thought-provoking while others were just strange. When reading through these suggestions for amazing photos from the future, it’s interesting to see what mental images come up. Perhaps someone will find this very article long into the future and be amazed at the unanswered questions people from 2016 had.

1. “I would like to see what will be considered the most physically attractive person a thousand years from now. I wonder what clothes they would wear and what hairstyles they would have and what body type they would have.” — FrighteningWorld

This is a great point, considering how ridiculous current world fashions would look to someone even from as recent as 100 years ago.

2. “My wedding photo would be cool to see, wether [sic] I know the woman or not I could at least see what she looks like and me happy!” — whodchooseme

Perhaps these photos from the future aren’t too hard to imagine: One Twitter user seems to have a good idea of what her future held!

3. “First baby not born on earth.” greenriver572

One Reddit user had a good response to this particular suggestion of interesting photos from the future, noting that a baby not born on earth would look “quite abnormal and deformed due to the gravitational differences acting on its development.”

4. “World map.” — username2002

This idea of interesting photos from the future sparked some debate.

“Look up a map from a few 100 years ago. Geography is not going to change much. A political map would be cool however.” — liamt25

“But the countries will change. And what if Moscow is no longer on the map. Or New York. Or any city or country that exists now.” — TheBoraxKid

5. “My great-great-grandchildren and their families.” — eagr

6. “1000 years from now a photo of the earth at night or maybe a country specifically, so I could see the lights of the cities; how big they’ve gotten, any crazy architecture, if there are lights at all.. It would be mind blowing.” — aReallyCleverName

7. “A picture of my resume, at retirement age.” — DoopSlayer


“A photo of the first black pope and her wife together on the balcony of the Vatican.”

“The subtle “her” pushed my brain into a mindf*** vortex.” VirusTheoryRS

That’s when things started to get silly.

9. “A picture of myself dying. That way, I could always avoid going to that particular place.” — BlatantConservative

“Twist: the only identifying feature of the place is there’s a Starbucks behind you.”

“Then I simply never turn my back to a Starbucks.” — BlatantConservative

“One does not simply never turn their back to a Starbucks.” — mikethebike96

“I imagine you moonwalking out of every Starbucks you ever visit.” — geekmuseNU

And of course…

10. “The last photo ever taken.”

“It’d better not be a duck face….” sillybammy

Which of the suggestions for amazing photos from the future would you most like to see? Or perhaps you have a different idea. Comment below.

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