Christian ‘Cristian’ Olmos: Search For Missing San Diego Teen Extends To Mexican Border

Christian Olmos, aka Cristian Olmos, a 17-year old student in San Diego, California, is missing, and family members are trying to get the word out about his disappearance. According to CBS-8, authorities are conducting searches for Christian Olmos on both sides of the Mexican border. The family of the missing teen says that he was last seen on Thursday, February 4, after his mother dropped him off at St. Augustine High School in North Park, where Olmos is in his senior year.

It appears that the teen could have run away on his own, though no one in the family seems to no why. According to Christian Olmos’ mother, the family has been frantic with worry since he first went missing last week. Christian Olmos is attending high school here in the States, but lives with his family back in Tijuana, Mexico.

Every day, his mother takes him to school and picks him up. But, on Thursday, February 4, when she returned to the school to pick up him at the usual time, she learned that he had not attended any classes that day, and that he received a ride from another student at the school that afternoon.

She also learned that the student dropped him off at an ice cream shop, and from there the boy took a cab to the border in San Ysidro. Cristian Olmos’ father, Raul, says that the student who dropped him off could have the name “Hichino.”

In a video message in Spanish, the Olmos family states that they want their son to know that they love him very much, and that they want him to return home. They ask for Cristian Olmos to be careful and to try to catch a taxi back home, and that they will pay for it. His sister, who also appears in the video, pleads with her brother to come back because she needs him.

Christian Olmos (Cristian Olmos) was attending the high school in North Park on a scholarship, and is considered a very intelligent young man with goals and dreams. Raul Olmos is asking for anyone with information about his missing son to come forward. He is also wanting to know how to get in touch with “Hichino.” Here is the contact number that he has provided. 664-244-6488 or (619) 890-2766. Below is the father’s statement in Spanish.

“Amigos todos:
Quiero pedirles un gran favor el día de hoy mi esposa y yo nos enteramos que al llegar el día de hoy jueves a la salida de su escuela de San Agustin High school en San Diego mi hijo CristianOlmos no estaba a la salida y hasta el momento esta desaparecido. no sabemos si se fue con alguien o que pasó. Si ustedes conocen a alguien que tenga a su hijo en esta escuela y esta el el ultimo grado por graduarse en mayo les pido que me ayuden a encontrarlo. cualquier información pueden llamar al cel 664-244-6488 al tel. 902-0541 para dar cualquier información. Recuerdo que el tiene un amigo de su escuela que creo que su apellido es Hichino. Si alguen conoce a este joven les pido que me pasen su numero o forma de contactarlo.Gracias a todos por favor les pido me ayuden a encontrarlo. Atte. Raul Olmos.
Les pido re-envien este correo a todos sus contactos. Gracias.
Anexo una foto reciente de mi hijo.”

Runaway Cases Don’t Receive The Same Attention As Abduction Or Kidnapping

Typically, the problem with many missing persons cases that involve an older teen stems from law enforcement’s notion that the teen is a runaway. Even with many news outlets, a teen runaway case is not treated with the same sense of urgency and importance as cases of teen abductions or kidnappings.

However, it is important to note that teens who have left on their own free will could still be in danger. Some runaway teens could be dealing with issues that are unknown to the family — problems such as mental illness, drug addiction, or bullying, which could still put them in harm’s way. This story is in development. Please check back as we continue to update the story with the latest information.

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