Australian Father Rapes Daughter

Australian Woman Tracks Down Long-Lost Father, Gives Him A Home, In Return He Rapes Her

An Australian woman tracked down her long-lost father, whom she hadn’t seen in 20 years, and invited the man and his family into her home. The father returned his daughter’s kindness by raping her.

As the Agereports, the woman, who has not been named, had never met her father, but managed to track him down. She learned that he had a history of violence and a criminal record, but she was so excited to have finally met her father that she overlooked his past.

“This was the first time meeting my father. He was happy to see me too… I was just so excited and happy to finally meet my real dad.”

The woman then invited her father, as well as the father’s partner and their son, to move into a spare bedroom in her Melbourne home.

Australian father rapes daughter
Melbourne, Austrailia. [Image via Shutterstock/Sunflowerey]
In October, 2014, some time after the father and his family had moved into the daughter’s home, the two found themselves alone in the house. It was then that he began to make sexual advances toward her.

“Give dad a hug.”

She complied, thinking her father was just being affectionate. He then attempted to kiss her on her neck, and put his hands around her waist. She pushed him away and, sarcastically, told him, “If you’re gonna be like that you may as well take me to your bedroom.”

She then went to her own bedroom; her father followed her. There, he pushed her onto the bed and raped her, saying “I love you forever.”

“I didn’t say anything or do anything. I felt I had to cooperate and not say anything. I was worried I might get hurt. I thought that if I tried to stop him, he would get angry. I knew he had a very violent past and had been in jail for physical assaults. I felt gross that it was my Dad. I just wanted to get in the shower as I felt so dirty.”

After the woman’s husband got home, the two called the police.

The 38-year-old father denied raping his daughter, and claimed that the sex was consensual.

“OK, I’m gonna tell you. She made me have sex with her… I tried to say no. I didn’t want to lose her.”

The father pleaded guilty to one count of incest, in exchange for having the rape charges dropped. He was sentenced to four years, but a panel of judges reduced his sentence to three years, with a minimum of 18 months to be served behind bars, after reading a psychologist’s report about the man’s background.

The man, who is intellectually disabled, grew up dirt poor with an alcoholic mother who neglected him. As their mother was entertaining vagrants in exchange for alcohol money, he and his siblings were eating shredded wheat with water.

By age 11, the man had developed a drug habit, had started a sexual relationship with a 26-year-old neighbor, and had been living on the streets of Melbourne.

Australian Father Rapes Daughter
By age 11, the father was living on the streets of Melbourne. [Image via Shutterstock/Roman Bodnarchuk]
At age 14, the man had struck up a relationship with a young woman who would ultimately become his daughter’s mother. Four years later, when the young woman was 18, she gave birth to a daughter — the same daughter that would find him 20 years later. The man claimed that the woman only wanted to have a baby so she could get a government welfare check for single moms, and he says the mother walked out on the relationship a few weeks after the baby was born.

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