‘Family Feud’ Experiences Worst Contestant Of All Time, Biggest Solo Record

With Steve Harvey hosting Family Feud, fans of the show are getting treated to more behind-the-scenes videos of the show than ever before. One Family Feud contestant, however, may be wishing that social media did not really exist right now, as a video featuring her giving the exact same answer several times over has gone viral.

Producers of Family Feud were stunned when Sheila, who was playing with the Patterson family in an episode of the game show that has yet to air, took 25 minutes to come up with a word you might call your mother “other than ‘mother’,” according to the Wrap. While producers may have gotten a bit frustrated at the experience, Harvey likened the aftermath to a Richard Pryor stand-up concert.

“It was scary at first, but once you hand me that jewel of information, I had that audience — it was like being at a Richard Pryor concert — I had the audience running around in that theater screaming, laughing, man. It was one of the great moments of TV,” Harvey said.

Mom, mommy, and mama were all on the Family Feud board, and Cecilia, Sheila’s teammate, had already guessed Nana as another way to say “mother,” according to Yahoo. That did not stop Sheila from guessing the exact same word, as well as mommy. After a few moments of this, Harvey leaned towards Sheila with a sly grin.

“Let me ask y’all something. Y’all crazy?” Harvey asked while the audience laughed.

It’s not all bad guessers on Family Feud, though. Family Feud also notched a historic moment, thanks to a guesser who became the first to get 194 points on their own during the “Fast Money” segment on Steve Harvey’s Family Feud.

Such records have also been garnered in other incarnations of the show; the late Ray Combs saw one player notch 200 points on their own — the required total in order to gain the big pot of cash at the end of the show. The “Fast Money” total has been $20,000 since 2001, a doubling of the prime time Family Feud amount, at the request of then-host Louie Anderson.

CBS 4Indy noted that during the Family Feud shoot with the woman who may snag the title of the worst contestant ever, Harvey seemed stunned that the contestant would simply change up the pronunciations of previously given answers in an effort to sound original. Harvey, though, would not let her get away with it without some good-natured ribbing.

“Y’all think you can take all these words that are the same and just say them different because you want to?” the Family Feud host asked, much to the audience’s delight.

The Family Feud contestant seemed surprised that her alternate pronunciations were not accepted, and when pressed, admitted she would simply address her mother as “Mom,” but that answer was on the board.

After the woman’s obvious struggle to come up with an alternate name for “mother,” the Family Feud host finally put the contestant out of her misery and gave her team the third strike.

Harvey has posted his fair share of bad Family Feud responses on his website, ranging from the inappropriate to the ridiculous, but this was the first time in recent memory that a contestant on the show struggled so obviously for a good response. Whether fortunately or unfortunately, the woman’s response has since gone viral. According to Pix11, the eight-minute video has more than 97,000 likes and 193,000 shares.

The Family Feud host has also garnered a great deal of notice for his recent T-Mobile commercial for Super Bowl 50, where he addresses in a very tongue in cheek way his gaffe in identifying the wrong winner for Miss Universe.