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Six Times Louis Tomlinson And Social Media Louis Tomlinson Were The Same Person

Yes! Louis Tomlinson has gone on one of his patented follow-and-reply Twitter sprees, sending One Direction fans into a frenzy, causing recipients of his attention to spontaneously self-destruct, showing that he cares about One Direction fans and just generally being the best.

Louis randomly selected a handful of Twitterers and bestowed his attention on them — he sent replies, gave “likes” and even called someone a legend.

Basically what happened was that super-casual Tommo was scanning down his feed, rolling his mouse with the same skillful devil-may-care attitude he uses when he dribbles a soccer ball, and if he saw something that struck his fancy he would pause to reply to that lucky fan.

“What is the secret?!” many moaned in the hours following. An attention-grabbing word and striking profile picture had never seemed more important.

“What is this alchemy?!” we asked jealously as we assessed the Louis Tomlinson fans who had received a reply. There was even a bit of mean-spirited scanning of timelines as fans searched for evidence that Louis may have made the wrong choice, and that his attention would have been better bestowed on someone else, probably “me.”

When he insisted on some privacy but also managed to be friendly and lovely

Louis always does this — he seems to get that social media encourages tasteless spilling of personal details, and he also seems determined not to fall into this trap.

Louis responded to a fan who asked about him and Freddie with a simple “haha we are both great thank you.”

Louis showed the same tasteful restraint when he debuted Freddie on social media rather than selling pictures to a publication.

Magazines like OK and Who were probably desperate to grab the first pictures of Freddie Reign, and would have paid a packet for it. Louis was having none of this, though — he debuted his son in an intimate shot on Instagram, which earned him exactly $0.

Meet my little lad, Freddie ????

A photo posted by Louis Tomlinson (@louist91) on

When he combined two of his favorite things

Louis loves soccer and he also cannot get enough of his newborn son, according to Hollywood Life.

What could be better than catching up on football with Freddie, then?

It is a bit like the time Louis appeared in the “Story of My Life” video with a plate of carrots, combining two of his favorite things (carrots and family). Louis also recently met with fans while he was barefoot, combining his love of One Direction fans and uninhibited living, as reported by Teen Vogue. Remember when Louis said “I hate people who are a bit uptight”?

The post about Freddie predictably sent One Direction fans into a tailspin and some adorable responses followed.

When he hated Larry

Louis Tomlinson does not like Larry shippers too much and has publicly said so, according to Popdust.

Larry is the biggest load of b******t I’ve ever heard

On Louis’ recent Twitter-spree he stuck to his anti-Larry stance, unfollowing a girl who brushed off the promise of Freddie pictures, saying she would rather see pictures of Louis and Harry.

When he loved pranks

Louis Tomlinson loves pranks, as demonstrated in this amazing Nickelodeon prank video when Louis and Zayn Malik convince the other boys that a woman is going into labor during a One Direction interview.

Louis loves pranks on Twitter too. Yesterday when a fan asked Louis to call her work and say she was sick, Louis quickly agreed. He even asked for the phone number.

When he had a mother fixation

Louis revealed in this interview that he is a momma’s boy, and the other One Direction guys agreed.

Louis’ mum also sprang to mind for Louis when he was doing his recent Twitter spree. “You sound like my mum,” Louis told a fan who asked how much water he is drinking.

When he supported somebody who was in dire straits

Louis has donated massive amounts of money to children’s charities and is known as a huge supporter of charities of all stripes, according to MTV.

It was no surprise to Louis-watchers when he took time during his last Twitter-spree to show love for a fan who was going through a tough time. “Smile love,” Louis encouraged the girl.

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