Law & Order SVU season 17 episode 14 Nationwide Manhunt Chicago PD crossover Greg Yates Carl Rudnick

‘Law & Order: SVU’ and ‘Chicago P.D’ Crossover Focuses On Greg Yates and Carl Rudnick In ‘Nationwide Manhunt’

Law & Order: SVU season 17, episode 14 is titled “Nationwide Manhunt.” It is also the two-part Chicago P.D. crossover that fans have been talking about for weeks. The synopsis for Law & Order: SVU season 17, episode 14 was published. Also, five promo clips were released, which tease what viewers can expect. In Wednesday’s episode, Amanda Rollins visits the murderer she obsessed over and Greg Yates escapes from prison with Carl Rudnick.

Greg Yates should be a familiar name to those that watch either show. Actor Dallas Roberts portrayed the multi-state serial killer in Law & Order: SVU seasons 16 and 17. Yates was also a memorable character from season 2 of Chicago P.D. This is not the first crossover episode for Dallas Roberts. However, Carter Matt speculated that “Nationwide Manhunt” could be the end for the charming and vicious doctor.

Viewers are looking forward to the Law & Order: SVU/Chicago P.D. crossover. As PopCornFeed mentioned on Twitter, “Nationwide Manhunt” isn’t just a crossover episode, it is being called an event.

Spoilers Guide published the synopsis for Law & Order: SVU season 17, episode 14. The press release doesn’t reveal much. However, it does say that Chicago P.D. detectives work with Olivia Benson’s Special Victims Unit to catch two escaped killers, one of them being Greg Yates. The other is Dr. Carl Rudnick, a former deputy chief medical examiner convicted of raping and murdering several women.

The promo clips for Law & Order: SVU reveal more information about the crossover episode. In one clip, Yates is offering information on an open case. However, he wants something in return, which is a visit with Amanda. As viewers may recall, Greg took an interest in the detective. Rollins became obsessed with the convicted killer and was determined to put him behind bars.

Olivia Benson isn’t interested in the information Greg Yates is offering. The Law & Order: SVU character thinks it is just a game. However, Rollins reminds Benson that Yates has helped the detectives before.

In another video clip for Law & Order: SVU, Rollins visits Yates in prison. However, she does not go alone, which disappoints the inmate. Greg uses his charm, reminding Amanda how he knew the detective was pregnant before she did. Yates mentions her “glow” and asking how Rollins lost the baby weight. The killer surgeon also brings up breastfeeding.

Amanda Rollins knows how to deal with Greg Yates and takes the conversation in stride. However, Carisi is not amused and would rather strangle the charismatic inmate.

Another sneak peek was released for Law & Order: SVU season 17, episode 14. This clip features Yates speaking with Chicago P.D. detectives Lindsay and Dawson. The murderer taunts Lindsay by reminding her that he tortured and killed Nadia. The victim was a former drug addict and prostitute. She turned her life around with the help Lindsay. In the clip, it is easy to understand Lindsay’s hatred for Yates. She doesn’t hide her contempt for the serial killer. Lindsay’s attitude is not pleasing to Yates. Could it result in the inmate not giving any solid leads?

However, the Law & Order: SVU/Chicago P.D. crossover episode is not just about getting information on a case. An additional sneak peek reveals that Greg Yates escaped prison with another dangerous criminal. Olivia Benson and her detectives go into panic mode. However, they are told the men are probably “trapped somewhere in the infrastructure.” They do not know Yates like SVU does.

Another promo clip for “Nationwide Manhunt” shows the Special Victims Unit trying to track down Yates and Rudnick. Benson tells her squad that two detectives from Chicago P.D. are on an airplane. They will join forces to find the missing criminals, but will the killers be found before it is too late?

Law & Order: SVU season 17, episode 14, titled “Nationwide Manhunt” airs February 9 on NBC.

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