Rebecca Herbst of 'GH'

Rebecca Herbst Contract Negotiation Problems: Could ‘General Hospital’ Lose Her To ‘Days’?

Rebecca Herbst of General Hospital is very well-known for her character of Elizabeth Webber. Right now, Herbst’s character is going through a hard time as she wants to be with Jason Moregan, but he just can’t decide what to do as he fights trying to remember his life. Now Michael Fairman Soaps is sharing that Rebecca Herbst could end up not sticking around on GeneralHospital due to contract negotiations. Right now they are still trying to figure out Rebecca Herbst’s contract, and of course, they will have to make her happy to keep her around as Elizabeth Webber. Sometimes actresses also just get bored and are ready to move on to something new.

Reports are that these negotiations have come to a stall now and they have to figure out what to do with Rebecca Herbst’s contract. If General Hospital doesn’t get it figured out soon, then they may lose out though. An insider from Sony is saying that Days Of Our Lives is really looking into wanting to pick up Rebecca Herbst. If GH is not able to figure out the contract, then they could decide to let her go. Rebecca will have to do what is best for her and right now nobody knows what that is going to end up being. The idea of soap operas stealing actresses and actors is not unheard of and this could just end up happening. People go from one show to another all the time and Rebecca Herbst could do the same.

Rebecca Herbst isn’t new to General Hospital, though. She started the show back in 1997 and has been someone that viewers either love or love to hate. If Rebecca Herbst leaves the show, then some people would be thrilled and others would be heartbroken. The reality is that these people hate her character Elizabeth Webber and don’t really hate Rebecca Herbst herself. If the show decided to recast Elizabeth, that would probably be something that didn’t go over well at all.

Christian Post shared about Rebecca Herbst’s character and how things are going for her right now. Elizabeth is going to speak out to her son Jake and actually start to admit some of the things she has done in the past. Right now, Elizabeth knows that Jake hates Sam and it is because he sees how she feels about her. Elizabeth knows now that she shouldn’t have let her emotions show.

Her son Jake is not going to totally understand. All that he wants is for his parents to be back together again and he feels like Sam is in the way. Now that Sam is hurt, Jason is by her side and trying to help her out in every way that he can. He also has to worry about his son Jake, so this is going to show him very torn.

General Hospital gets rid of characters all the time. Rebecca Herbst’s character Elizabeth Webber is very important to the show right now, but that could change easily. If Jason was to go back to Sam, then Liz would be mad and could easily leave town and give up. This would be the perfect time to get rid of her and give Rebecca the chance to move right on over to Days of Our Lives since they want her so bad.

Are you surprised to hear that General Hospital is being slow about contract negotiations with Rebecca Herbst? Would you like to see Rebecca end up on Days Of Our Lives instead? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss new episodes of General Hospital weekdays.

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