Colleen Crowley Update: Lawyer Claims Johnny Manziel Ruptured Her Eardrum

Colleen Crowley Update: Lawyer Claims Johnny Manziel Ruptured Her Eardrum, Left Her Temporarily Deaf

Colleen Crowley and Johnny Manziel’s relationship appears to have been detrimental to his career in the NFL. Following an allegedly violent fight in October, in which Manziel was accused of slamming Colleen Crowley’s head into a car window and hitting her a couple of times, the student and model shared a series of new accusations against the Cleveland Browns quarterback with police at the end of last month.

According to a TMZ report earlier this month, a police report revealed that Colleen Crowley had claimed she was struck “several times” by Manziel, whom she met up with in Dallas at a hotel on January 30 while out with friends in the area. In addition to claiming she was struck on the side of the head by Manziel, Colleen Crowley accused the athlete of being on some kind of drugs, and insisted he hadn’t been drinking.

Chronicling the events of their drive home from the hotel to Colleen Crowley’s Ft. Worth, Texas, apartment, she reportedly told Manziel that she hated him, and he told her he was planning to “go kill himself.” Manziel also reportedly laughed at Colleen Crowley during the ride, and told her to “shut up or I’ll kill us both.” Once they arrived at Colleen Crowley’s apartment, she reportedly fled to a neighbor for help, while he went elsewhere on foot. The incident ultimately led to a helicopter search.

After TMZ‘s initial report, the outlet spoke with Manziel, who denied all of Colleen Crowley’s allegations against him and teased of something positive in his future. He also said that while he’s been having some fun as of late, he’s planning to refocus his life in the coming months and get back to football.

The following day, Colleen Crowley released a personal statement to press in regard to her case against Manziel.

“On Feb. 5, I met with domestic violence specialists at the Dallas Police Department. I provided them with a complete description of the events on the night of January 29th and answered their questions. I don’t know what will happen next with this case – that’ll be up to the Dallas Police Department. I am hopeful that everyone will understandably respect my wish for privacy at this time.”

Since then, Colleen Crowley’s allegations against Manziel, who has remained nearly silent in recent weeks, have gotten more press.

According to a February 8 report by ESPN, Colleen Crowley’s attorney spoke to Dallas-Fort Worth television station NBC5 on Monday, revealing the model suffered a ruptured eardrum during her alleged altercation with Manziel. While Colleen Crowley is expected to regain her ability to hear out of the ear in time, she is currently unable to do so.

“He hit me with his open hand on my left ear for jumping out of the car,” Colleen Crowley’s affidavit stated. “I realized immediately that I could not hear out of that ear, and I cannot today [on Feb. 3, the date of the filing].”

The report also revealed that Colleen Crowley filed a request for a protective order last week in Tarrant County, Texas, which she has since received. As a result, Manziel is required to stay away from Colleen Crowley for two years.

Although Colleen Crowley has seemingly deleted her Instagram account and her Twitter account is suspended for unknown reasons, former boyfriend Manziel returned to Instagram over the weekend to give a shoutout to Von Miller, who received the MVP Award on Super Bowl Sunday.

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