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‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers — Episode 6: Who Goes Home Tonight? – The Villain, That’s Who

Every single season of The Bachelor on ABC, there are a few of the ladies that fans are not thrilled with and they’re happy when they go home. Then, there is that one who just is hated by virtually everyone on the show and off, but manages to stick around far longer than she should. For the 2016 season, that’s Olivia Caridi, and tonight, she will go to the Bahamas with Ben Higgins and the remaining contestants, but will she make it through another show without being eliminated?

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the new season of The Bachelor starring Ben Higgins. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

Going into tonight’s episode, there are nine women remaining who are trying to win over the heart of Ben Higgins. Once this episode is over, there will be just six remaining and it’s back to the United States next week for Episode 7.

Olivia Caridi is the lone woman that is being seen as the villain on this season of The Bachelor and no-one can understand why Ben keeps her around. She has done nothing but isolate herself from the other women on the show and shown both of her faces numerous times.

the bachelor 2016 spoilers ben higgins olivia caridi
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According to The Heavy, everyone is expecting her to be sent packing at the beginning of this week’s episode due to Ben pulling her aside from the rose ceremony last week. Well, don’t get your hopes up because she’s sticking around.

Don’t worry, no-one else understands it either. She is still on the show, and Ben just decides to keep her around.

Moving on though, Ben is in the Bahamas and he has three different dates in this episode. His one-on-one will be with Caila Quinn, and it’s the lone solo date this week. They go out deep-sea fishing, according to Reality Steve, but the conversation gets pretty deep.

Caila ends up questioning her relationship with Ben and it leads to some fearful moments as the two seem to be getting closer. The questioning from Caila is actually her believing she may hurt him in the future, and she doesn’t want to do that.

No matter her being conflicted, Ben likes her enough to give her a rose so she is safe.

Next up is the group date where Amanda, Becca, Lauren B., Lauren H., and JoJo go “swimming with the pigs” at a grand and beautiful resort. They seemed to have fun, and Amanda ended up with the rose from the group date.

The third date for tonight’s episode of The Bachelor is a two-on-one where Ben goes out with Emily Ferguson and Olivia, the villain herself. They head to a private island and each of the ladies get some private time with Ben…and then it happens.

Ben sends Olivia home, eliminating her from the season.

olivia caridi ben higgins the bachelor 2016 spoilers
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Despite a number of other women letting Ben know about Olivia’s horrible behavior when he’s not around, he’s kept her around for weeks too long. Now, Ben confronts her about it and calls her out on it. After that conversation, it appears as if he saw and heard more than he needed because he eliminates her from The Bachelor and sends her packing.

Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of drama to come in tonight’s episode.

One of the other contestants decides to target Lauren Bushnell, and it leads to Ben Higgins being told that she is putting on a fake personality when he’s around. Here, everyone thought the two faces left when Olivia was eliminated, but maybe not.

Well, as if Olivia being sent home wasn’t dramatic enough, Leah Block confronts Ben after he gets back and wants to know why she hasn’t gotten a one-on-one date yet. Ben isn’t having any of it with people questioning him so he sends her home too.

The rose ceremony still remains though, even with Olivia and Leah already being sent home earlier in the episode from the Bahamas. Once it’s time for the cocktail party, Ben cancels it for some reason or another so that won’t be happening tonight.

Obviously, Ben Higgins is a bit frustrated with his dates and some of the remaining women.

The rose ceremony is not cancelled though, and it’s time for Ben to make his decision about one more lady and let her know that a rose isn’t coming her way – Lauren Himle.

Tonight’s episode of The Bachelor is an interesting one as only one woman gets sent home during the rose ceremony, but three in total. Leah Block and Olivia Caridi (the world will cheer) are sent home because Ben Higgins is fed up with the drama, and is ready for love…so say the spoilers.

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